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Now That The Wheels Have Stopped Turning

Now that the wheels have stopped turning, this Eroica passes through my mind like an old Super 8 film reel, the film that immortalised the most precious moments of thousands of Italians...

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Heroic Women

I’m not sure what pushes me to immerse myself in the magic of L’Eroica every year. My infatuation has developed into true love in a very short time.

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Welcome to L'Eroica

For the soft curves of the hills, for the pointed cypresses, for the fierce gravel roads that kill your wrists. For the bicycles that have a history...

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Our venture began in 1997 because we love cycling, but the idea has deeper roots. We admire the values of a bygone cycling era, which we want people to learn about. It's a cycling era that has inspired lots of Italian literature, culture and music and that has also marked some Italian history.

We want to spread the rootes and values of an extraordinary sport with a popular soul to re-discover the Beauty of Fatigue and the Thrill of Conquest.


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How to Prepare for the Rides


L’Eroica was born as a celebration of road cycling, of the history and values of this sport. L'Eroica and the other Eroca Events in the World are history inspired, therefore the participation in the events is reserved primarily to cyclists with original cycling vintage clothing or new vintange inspired cycling apparel, and riding Historical Bikes (Bici Eroiche) or Vintage-Looking Bikes, as illustrated in the dedicated section.