The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Previously known as the Coastal Route, La Via della Scalatore has all of the highlights that Eroica California is known for.

Scalatore is Italian for climber and this route takes in all the major strade bianche ascents featured in the Heroic ride without the all the distance. Riders will have a nice warm up as they head south to the seaside village of Cayucos. After a brief stop, the strade bianche of Santa Rita Creek road awaits. Following the 10km climb and technical descent, riders will pass through the town of Templeton, in the heart of the Central Coast’s wine country, before encountering the infamous Kiler Canyon. This steep, narrow section of gravel road has forced even the most seasoned riders to succumb to walking. A well-deserved rest at Halter Ranch Vineyards can’t arrive soon enough. Don’t get too comfortable as the final obstacle of Cypress Mountain road is just around the corner. After conquering the steep, twisty climb, enjoy the 2000’ white-knuckle descent back to Cambria where riders can finally relax and enjoy the Eroica Festival, fine refreshments and coastal sunset. 

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