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Registration Eroica California 2021!

From now on, registration for all Eroica events will take place exclusively on the new MyEroica platform. If you registered for Eroica California 2019 on the old (YourEroica) platform, you are automatically transferred to a MyEroica account ONLY if you rode an Italian Eroica Events last year (Montalcino, NOVA or L'Eroica) with the same username and password you already have. If not, you will need to create a new profile.

Eroica California Classic

First Registration Period: 14th May 2021 18th September 2021  $150. . Please note: Students and active Military personal or Veterans : Register for $100 from 14th May to 18th September 2021  no period restriction.

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Registration for Nova Eroica California ( September 18th ) and Eroica California Classic ( September 19th ), 220$ The NOVA ride is being held Saturday, the day before the Eroica Classic California event, so everyone has a chance to ride both events! This is all a part of the new Eroica California Weekend, a chance to bring together more fun and ideas and the best US edition yet.

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