The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Graciela and Miguel met in Barcelona, where their lives and passion for cycling intertwined.

Together they discovered Eroica and, fascinated by "the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest”, they sought to share this, and their passion for good food, with friends. They followed their dream to its conclusion, giving life to the first Eroica Caffè in a major city.


Following her studies in France, a doctorate in Florence and research work in England and the Netherlands, Graciela made her home in Barcelona. For years she has dedicated herself with passion and talent to the tradition of fresh homemade pasta, collaborating with the most important restaurants in Barcelona and organizing workshops for adults and children. Cycling has been in her DNA since her schooldays.


Entrepreneur, dreamer and passionate bicycle enthusiast, Miguel has always lived in Barcelona, exploring the beautiful Catalonian countryside, far and wide, on two wheels. The bicycle is central to all his projects and his Espaibici is a real reference point for urban and leisure cyclists from all over Spain. 


A true blue Sicilian, Antonella grew up in the country, learning respect for nature and the pleasure of good food. Her love of cooking has been with her since childhood. After her graduation from the hotel institute of Messina, long experiences in Spain, South America and then again in central Italy, Antonella arrived in Barcelona and decided to stay. Here, she continues to cultivate her love of home and of the authentic flavours of Italian cuisine.

ROGER ALBORS - waiter & Rider

Roger was born by the sea not so long ago. After loosing patience with public transport, he got on a bicycle and has never gotten off. Bars have always been part of his life, whether the bar of a bike or serving beers and food over a bar. Inspired by a growing passion for craft beer, he's learning how to say "Cheers" in every single language in the world. In his blood there are traces of sea salt, bike oil and lots of malt juice.


Born in Barcelona, restless by nature, he has travelled by bike ever since reaching the age of reason. He has crossed deserts, Steppes and cordilleras on five continents. For him, life is an amazing journey and so he tries to transform each day into an unforgettable adventure. His passion for maps and his desire to discover new and more interesting paths, have led him to the Eroica Caffè Barcelona.