The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

To talk about the beauty of Buonconvento and the warmth of its welcome seems superfluous, considering how well known the town now is for its relaxed pace of life, history, art, tradition and values;

not to mention the territory, the immediate surroundings, the flattest part of the white roads of Eroica, the softer approach to the beauty of fatigue in cycling. Here you will ride on modern bicycles, because Nova Eroica is for amateur cyclists and athletes who are passionate about racing, but not necessarily fixated with extreme practices aimed at performance and winning. 

Take it from someone who has put a few ideas out to the cycling world; Nova Eroica is a winning formula. Nova Eroica combines white roads, countryside, the companionship of a leisure ride on some sections, with time trials for the thrill of racing on others, all along beautiful roads that are closed to traffic to ensure safety, so that cyclists can taste the adrenaline that many still want from their sport. The final race, reserved for the best riders, will be truly competitive. Riders will cycle safely, according to the race rules, over 30 km that will be free of traffic. 


Something completely new, that will soon become a must – allow us to be presumptuous, considering our past experience. We will set an example, creating an amazing event that combines race and relaxation, fatigue and smiles, adrenaline and endorphins. It will work even better on the most beautiful roads in the world, and in Buonconvento, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.


Giancarlo Brocci