The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

The Tour de France starts from Brussels and the winner is Eddy Merckx, 50 years after having won his first of five Tours. The author of this article is surprised by this constant love or at least pretends to be, considering that the reasons for this feeling are well known.

These events are not appreciated because those who support and manage cycling currently and establish its winning criteria, often neglect its history and passions. Obviously, this applies to all sports, where trainers, managers and agents have taken the reins of the situation, deciding what is right in the name of the ruling business.

We believe that the Eroica, as well as the world and assets it has created, is the best example of a cultural alternative, the strongest resistance to the latest trends that are genetically transforming sports. The problem is that the success of cycling relies precisely on the beauty of fatigue, heroic deeds, champions who won people's hearts, because they lasted for a decade and for various seasons, from Sanremo to Lombardy and the major tours.

Today, technology has reached the highest mountains, where the most intriguing pages of the history of the twentieth century were written and the training gives us cyclists who last just one season.

Well, the Eroica staff is giving cycling back to the people; every time we saw the name “Eddy” on the Tour choreography, we felt proud of ourselves.

And of all of you.


Giancarlo Brocci