The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Dear heroic friends, lovers of mustaches and beards, this year we have decided to make some changes to the rules of our competition.

The stages will always be two:

  • Saturday 28 May at 6.00 pm in Montalcino
  • Saturday 1 October in Gaiole in Chianti


1) a specific category is introduced for the mustache only. So in addition to full beard and / or goatee, the category for mustaches only is added.

2) to honor the memory of Luciano Berruti we decided to create a category and an award in his name. Therefore, those who will present themselves with the cut that distinguished Luciano (side mustache, with hairless chin) will be able to participate in this particular section.

3) to allow greater participation and diversity of winners, it was decided to extend the suspension time between one victory and another. To be clearer: if a participant has won the first prize in 2021, he can participate in the 2022 Competition, but he will only be able to compete for the victory from the 2023 edition.


Registration is free and can be done by:

  • email writing your personal details (name, surname, city of origin) and sending at least three photos to [email protected] or a Whatsapp message to the number +39 349 6131 842;
  • directly in Montalcino and Gaiole in Chianti in the stages preceding the competition.


A commission will unquestionably assess the categories admitted to the competition together with the elegance and demeanor of each participant.

The prize pool is being defined.