The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

This is the ultimate Eroica experience that Limburg has on offer. We have even found an extra 40 kilometers of roads to make this the ultimate Eroica challenge.

All the tourist attractions of the Limburg border area are included in this route – all the highlights of the border area united in one single 200km pedal-pushing experience. Brace yourself, because this is a ride for real ‘heroes’. In addition to all the attractions outlined above, this route includes several wonderfully scenic miles in the Belgian part of Limburg. Following the final border crossing, cyclists will pass through hilly scenery and then through the ‘Land of Limestone’, to make a pit stop at the Cortenbach estate, which constitutes the final food break (only in the 65km and 200km routes). After Cortenbach, we will cycle through many of Limburg’s small villages. Hard work makes people thirsty, but not to worry – we have you covered in this respect! Participants in the 65km and 200km routes will be granted the opportunity to quench their thirst at the Brand beer brewery in Wijlre, where the beer Limburg is proud of will be waiting for you. Make sure you do not overindulge, because after the brewery comes the Dead Man’s Hill. Don’t say we didn’t warn you... We will return to the finish line in the great cycling town of Valkenburg via the moat of the impressive Schaloen Castle.

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