The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

This is the ultimate Eroica experience that Limburg has on offer. All the tourist attractions of the Limburg border area are included in this route – all the highlights of the border area united in one single 165km pedal-pushing experience.

Brace yourself, because this is a ride for real ‘heroes’. In addition to all the attractions outlined above, this route includes several wonderfully scenic miles in the Belgian part of Limburg. Following the Meusse river for a while we will ride through the capital of Maastricht on route to Valkenburg. ‘The land of Limestone’ awaits us with a pit stop at the Cortenbach estate. After having indulged yourself with the tasteful asparagus dishes and wine of the estate’s vineyard you will set course for Ubachsberg. After a gravel climb the small village of Simpelveld appears at the horizon. Simpelveld is well known for the several monasteries and the historic steam train museum (ZLSM). We cross the railway line at the station of Simpelveld where a service point is located. If you have any problems with your bike Lars Toma of Toma cycles will help you again on your way. After the stop at the train station you will follow the route on the old Roman roads towards Bocholtz. In this small village at the German border we will cross the

Famous Siegfriedline, a remnant of the Second World War. The beautiful German country roads bring us around Aachen towards Vaals. The most famous border town of The Netherlands. We will climb the Three country point, or was it a four-country point? The locals may be able to explain this extraordinary history to you. After Vaals we will pass the last border crossing for today and drive a second time into Belgium. From now on the route contains not a single flat kilometre of roads. Enjoy the final 20 kilometres of this route in the heartland of cycling in The Netherlands. You will pass castles, typical Dutch farmhouses, drive through nature reserves and cross the Luciano Berruti bridge before you reach the finish line in Valkenburg. More info on this route will follow soon.

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