The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Eroica Limburg 2021

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The fifth edition of Eroica Limburg takes place on Friday September 3rd & Saturday September 4th (Ride) 2021

You can choose between three unique distances which will all lead you through the cycling crazy region of South-Limburg.
The shortest distance of this years’ Eroica is 40 kilometers. With 455 altitude meters this is a great way of discovering the beauty of Eroica. The route passes some great panoramas and crosses through the Roman past of our region. With three rest stops at Hoeve Cortenbach, Zuid Limburgse Stoomtrein Maatschappij (Steam train museum) and Bistro de Leeuw van Vlaanderen in Gulpen you will be sufficiently provided with food and drinks before you finish in Valkenburg.

The middle-distance counts 65 kilometers and has 665 altitude meters. This route starts by paying tribute to the rich cycling history of our region. The first kilometers follow the route of the World Championship Cycling 2012. After a couple of kilometers, you will pass Geulhem and the famous Belgian Cycle shop. Owner Emiel will take care of the musical ambiance and technical support. Subsequently the route passes the villages of Meerssen and Klimmen before the second reststop appears at Hoeve Cortenbach in Voerendaal. The final 40 kilometers will follow the 40 kilometer route. Enjoy the many historical highlights as you cycle by Simpelveld towards Gulpen and Valkenburg where you will finish.

The longest distance of this years’ Eroica Limburg is the 125 kilometer route with 1265 altitude meters. This is the best we have to offer you and it is our pleasure. Besides the many highlights we have described above, this route first pays tribute to the beautiful landscape of the ‘Heuvelland’, homeland of the famous Amstel Gold Race. After a couple of kilometers on the route of the World Championship the route brings you via the plateau of Margraten to the first rest stop in the tiny village of Banholt. The boys of the Gravel Series welcome you here in an old apple orchard with live music and lots of atmosphere. Did you spot the famous draft horses from Limburg? In Eijsden we will pass the frontier to Belgian by special means of transport. Did you bring your passport? Via the so called ‘green carpet’ we will ride back towards Geulhem where we will visit Emiel’s cycle shop. After this stop you will pass Aalbeek towards Voerendaal where you will hook up with the 40 and 65 kilometer routes. This 125 pedal pushing Eroica Limburg route is the ultimate Eroica experience we offer you this year. Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the historical places and rest stops. We are convinced you won’t.
 It promises again to become a great cycling happening with participation of many cycling legends such as Jan Janssen, Joop Zoetemelk and Leo van Vliet. We will also hold this year the postponed T- Raleigh reunion, and the 40th anniversary of the Tour de France win by Joop Zoetemelk. All the more reasons to join us during the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of September, as visitor and rider of the fifth edition of Eroica Limburg.

See you all in September!


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The Routes
Family route
Family route
This short route is ideally for people who would like to relax, see the incredible Limburg scenery and take the whole family out on a trip in the unique Eroica retro style. An ideal route for novices to Eroica.
Hillside route
Hillside route
The middle-distance counts 65 kilometers and has 665 altitude meters. This route starts by paying tribute to the rich cycling history of our region.
Limburg route
Limburg route
The “Limburg route” counts 125 kilometers of roads through the beautiful landscape of Southern-Limburg and Belgium. After the start in Valkenburg you will pass through the ancient caves of Valkenburg.