The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

We are sure that the amazing Eroica community will demonstrate their civic duty by adopting the following rules, to ensure the health and safety of participants, organisers and the people of Montalcino, our hosts.

It is obligatory to wear a mask indoors, and outside when it is not possible to guarantee one-metre distance between people;

It is obligatory to maintain one metre distance. Hands should be sanitized regularly;

At the start and finish of the race, it is obligatory to wear a protective mask. The same applies while waiting in line at food stops or at the pasta party.


- Your race envelope can be picked up from Friday 28 August. Entrance and exit corridors will be marked on the ground in order to ensure the correct distancing in case of queues.

- Only participants wearing masks will be given access to the secretariat. Hand sanitizers will be placed at the entrance.

- In order to pick up your race envelope, each participant must provide the Covid-19 self-certification which can be downloaded at this link.

- Race packs will be distributed at the Start/Finish area from Friday 28 August. Access will be granted in the same way as for race envelopes.

- To limit access to the race envelope and race pack distribution areas, they will be delivered to Tour operators, Sponsor groups, sport’s clubs and guests beforehand.


-Start times will be staggered, with two riders starting every 10 seconds, strictly in respect of the following times:

153 km route 6.00 – 6.30

96 km route 7.00 – 7.30

70 km route 8.00 – 8.30

46 and 27 km routes 9.00 – 9.30

- The start will be staggered with riders in double file, according to the set times and chosen route. Groups may not start together.

- Only those wearing a face mask, who have their Road Book and number attached to their bike will be given access to the starting area.

- It is obligatory to affix the race number to your bike. The bike number in the race envelope contains a micro-chip and will guarantee tracing of all riders.

- The race envelope will also contain an Eroica branded face mask that can we worn in the start and finish areas.

- In order to avoid people gathering along the route, it will not be obligatory to have your Road Book stamped. The micro-chip attached to your bike number will provide proof of the completion of the route.

- The traditional medal at the finish line will be presented by hand.


- Each food stop will provide typical local food, in keeping with the Eroica tradition and style but food will be served in pre-prepared mono-portions so as to respect safety and hygiene rules.

- Each food stop will have staff dedicated to ensuring social distancing, please avoid gathering in groups and maintain one-metre distance.

- At the Pasta Party, in the area around the finish line, food will be served in mono-portions and must be eaten in the designated area outdoors, while respecting one-metre distance.

To avoid any kind of gathering and speed up the process of collecting the race envelope, we recommend that all participants upload their sport’s club card and medical certificate on MYEroica.