The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Experience an exciting race in the heart of the beautiful city of Sion with your vintage bike in the purest Eroica style.

The objective is simple: set yourself a time to complete this 800m loop to be covered 10 times. But that's where the challenge gets tougher. Once the estimated time has been set, you will have to stick to it to the nearest second! The regularity race is a race that defines as winner not the first to arrive but the one who will complete all the loops as close as possible to the estimated time. Each additional second and each second less will be counted as a penalty. It's time to play and embark on the adventure in the heart of the city of Sion, the oldest city in Switzerland. Between the paved roads and winding alleys of the capital of the Valais, let the participants set off in search of the perfect timing!

Route info
Km of White Road
Km of asphalt road
Number of refreshments
Departure time
5.30 PM
Skill Skill