The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

In order to activate the daily insurance cover and participate in NOVA Eroica, it is OBLIGATORY to send the following VALID MEDICAL CERTIFICATE to the organisers:

• MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for COMPETITIVE CYCLING for those participating in the 143 km and 85 km routes;

• MEDICAL CERTIFICATE NON-COMPETITIVE for those participating in the 62 km route.

You don't need a medical certificate for NOVA Eroica Family

N.B. The medical certificate must be uploaded to the “MyEroica” platform, in the “My documents” section, by 30 September 2020. The certificate will be checked and validated online within 15 days of being uploaded. If the medical certificate is not compliant, it will be refused and cancelled and the entrant will have to upload a new compliant one. The medical certificate must be specifically for CYCLING. We cannot accept certificates issued for other disciplines, such as triathlons, athletics, etc. If these conditions are not met, the cyclist will not be considered registered and he/she will also lose the right to be reimbursed.