The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Choose to ride anything from 40km to 70km along the marked route through picturesque Baden, Pietersfontein and Krakadouw


Riders of the CLASSIC route will be encouraged to spend a day out on their bikes with their friends, and loved ones. Grab breakfast, lunch and drinks along the route and enjoy the dramatic backdrop of the mountainous region. We will also be keeping the casual start for Saturday’s ride from 07:00 - 10:00, so you can choose to start when, and with whoever you want to. You will receive a detailed map marked with routes, picnic spots, view points and a secret swim spot or two. You can make your day as laid back, or as challenging as you want to. Choose to ride anything from 40 - 70km. Start and finish is at De Bos. 

** All riders must check in at the finishing point at De Bos to collect their 2023 finishers badge. **

All food and drinks are included on the route for our riders - no cash needed. 

PLEASE NOTE: In the last couple of years, there have been too many spectator cars driving along our cyclists routes, and this can be dangerous and unpleasant for our riders. We ask that no cars travel past the Groenland stop. If you would like to spectate, and want to join someone out for the day, you can purchase a spectator pass for Groenland Farm, where you will be welcomed with some refreshments. Otherwise, there are many different things to do in and around Montagu and we will see you back at our market for some well deserved food and drink. Please check our TRAVEL page for more info.

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