The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Our longest route stays unchanged. This is the route for the true heroes of the day! It takes you north-east and up the gruesome Ouberg Pass, after which you start heading west around the Langeberg-Wes mountains.

As you head north the gravel route gets really isolated and wild. The beautiful vistas are punctuated by water and food stops along the way, but you get that real feeling of being ‘out there’. Once you meet the tarmac again your first descent is the Rooihoogte Pass, followed by the Burgers Pass, and then a fast roll into town. Providing there’s no headwind of course! Please take care along this tar section back to Montagu as this a public road frequently used by cars. This is the one route that all true Eroica enthusiasts should do at least once. Make this your year.

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