The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

For those who want to ride the medium distance route, we have a new adventure planned though the Patatsfontein and Pietersfontein areas.

While this route is shorter than our previous middle distance option, one could say it’s tougher. The route includes a spectacular isolated back-road that has a few short sections of portage and two small river crossings, and there are rougher road sections with loose stones and ruts. Don’t be put off by this - the beauty of this route, and the special snack stop at the furthest point, make this 60km route well worth it. This 60km option follows the 35km route up to the Groenland food stop, and takes a loop north from there through Patatsfontein and Pietersfontein and back to Groenland. This means that those riding the 60km can leave family or friends who ride the 35km at the Groenland stop, and meet them back there before heading back to town together. Remember - you have all day, so make the most of it!

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