La belleza de fatiga y el sabor de la aventura

Ciclo Club Eroica was born to gather a worldwide community of cycling enthusiasts, including both passionate collectors of vintage bicycles and those who love the road bike in all its forms.

All lovers of road cycling can become members of the Eroica Ciclo Club. Those who own vintage bikes, the so-called "bici eroiche" are most welcome but the objective of the club is also to expand the horizons of the ‘Eroica’ world.

key benefits

  • GUARANTEED registration for L'Eroica Gaiole, at the Club rate, is NOT INCLUDED in the Ciclo Club membership fee.
  • Members of the Ciclo Club Eroica will receive also the following benefits:
  • Club Price for L'Eroica
  • Special Prices for all other Eroica Events
  • Dedicated Events (Eroica Dolomiti & Eroica Germania)
  • Club Travels 
  • Welcome Kit including the Membership Card , the Cyclist's Diary , the Badge for your Bike, Brooks Multitool and other gadgets CCE.

Membership is annual for the entire solar year. For those who register from 10 October onwards, the membership is valid for the following solar year. The cost for 2020 is €100 + the shipping cost of the Welcome kit.

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Apart from our main events, which are open to the public, Ciclo Club Eroica members will be able to participate in other small, exclusive events organized specially for them.

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