La belleza de fatiga y el sabor de la aventura

All racing bicycles built before 1987 may be entered into the competition. Non-racing bikes may be entered in their own category. Both original and restored bikes are accepted. They will be judged separately in each category.

The competition consists of 3 categories, 2 for racing bikes and 1 for other vintage bikes:

• Cat.1 Original and restored racing bikes, pre-1949

• Cat.2 Original and restored racing bikes, 1950–1987

• Cat.3 Non-racing bikes, for exhibition only (they will not be judged)

The description ‘racing bikes’ refers to bikes used for both road and track competitions.

Three prizes will be awarded in each category. The jury reserves the right not to award prizes if the bikes are not deserving, or to award only one.

Apart from the above, a Bianchi prize may be awarded in each category. This prize applies only to Bianchi bikes.

The jury reserves the inalienable right to decide the appropriate category for each bicycle. In deciding, the type of gears will tend to take precedence over the date of construction.


Bicycles will be on display in Gaiole from 10.00 am on Saturday 5 October.

Each participant is invited to remain at the disposal of the jury until the end of the competition.

Winners will be announced during the swing show in Piazza Ricasoli at 16:00. 


You must register if you wish to take part in the competition. Registration for the first two categories costs €10, category 3 is free of charge.

You can register online or at place on hour before the start of the concourse and the following information is necessary :

• Bicycle brand and model

• Year of construction

• Frame serial number

• Description of Components

• Frame size

• Photographs

• View of the whole bike from the gear side

• Detail of the gears

• Head set, handlebars and brakes

• Bottom bracket

• Saddle and seat post

It is important to send good quality photographs as this will assist judges in selecting the bikes.