La belleza de fatiga y el sabor de la aventura

Don’t call it a festival! L'Eroica, the one with the “capital L apostrophe”, is a product of the people, like the people who launched a new era in Woodstock 50 years ago.

 On the first Sunday of October, nothing that is not spontaneous occurs around the Event. Nothing is planned, bit by bit we have adapted the event to what the people want from the mother they wait a full year to see, counting on finding her just as beautiful as she was when they left her.

All kinds of everything will fill Gaiole’s few streets: music, theatre, books, various art exhibitions, champions and the glories of the town, markets full of odds and ends, ingenious creations and passions from the four winds. The show will go on among the stalls and stands, with characters from all over the world meeting here to celebrate their Christmas, sussing each other out, recognising and discovering each other once again. One year, a few vintage cars were brought to the event; two winners of the Mille Miglia appeared briefly and were then swallowed up by the crowd. The obvious moral of this story is that we, the heroes, are the only protagonists here and that everything else is superfluous.

Giancarlo Brocci