La beauté de la fatigue et le frisson de la conquête

After the first rescheduling in April, together with local partners, we have decided to postpone further the next edition of Eroica California.

Above all, we do not want to add more tension in an already very complex context. Instead, from now on, we want to focus on the 2021 event that will once again cover the roads of Central Coast.

What it means for your race entry:

You are already registered for the 2021 edition.

Financially and per our regulations, we simply are not in a position to offer entry refunds. Doing so would close Eroica California doors for good as much of the overhead of staying afloat as we lead into an event is dependent on race entry revenue..

By handling things this way, we will be able to apply your entry fee to the same event you registered for, just at its future date--currently, the 2021 edition of Eroica California


If you wish to transfer your existing Eroica California entry to another person, we will be happy to transfer it from September 2020, by simply sending to [email protected] your request.