La beauté de la fatigue et le frisson de la conquête

The 2021 NOVA will still be a race, with four timed Strava race-sections along the route.

The 2021 NOVA gravel bike category will still have a race aspect this year, with four timed Strava race-sections, and also a portage section up the Pietersfontein dam wall for a compulsory NOVA-selfie at the top. Although the distance will be a bit shorter, with more technical sections, there will still be lots of time in between for hanging out, drinking beer, swimming, and enjoying the view. In the interest of trying to keep everyone safe, we will also be introducing a casual start to this year’s NOVA event. Start when, and with whoever you want to. You will receive a detailed map marked with the route, your Strava segments, picnic spots, view points and a secret swim spot or two. Plan ahead to make your day as laid back, or challenging as possible.

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