The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Terms and Regulations

Art. 1 Date and Place

 The event will take place on Saturday, 16 March 2019 in Montagu, South Africa.


Art. 2 Routes, Bicycles and Helmet

NOVA Eroica is a cycling race open to all MODERN ROAD RACING, CYCLOCROSS AND GRAVEL BIKES with carbon, steel, titanium and aluminium frames. The bikes must have a drop handlebar. Exceptions will be made only for the shorter, non competitive routes if there are any in future. For 2018 the event has 1 route:


155km, with 4 timed segments


On all routes it is compulsory to wear a safety bicycle helmet.


Art.3 Competitive Routes and Start Order

The competitive ride consists of short timed segments along the Eroica South Africa routes, mostly on gravel roads. The format involves sections that are considered “transfers” with maximum and minimum times and specific timed segments. Both teams and individuals may participate. The philosophy of NOVA Eroica is to privilege team spirit, with the aim to have most cyclists possible finishing within the time limit. The timed segments will be used to compile the individual ranking.


Starting order:

There will be 1 starting grid for all groups -

GROUP “A” > Professional cyclists and Guests of the Organisers

GROUP “B” > Ciclo Club Eroica

GROUP “C” > Teams

GROUP “D” > Individuals


Art.4 Registration Fee


The organization will assign RACE NUMBERS as part of the standards €45 - €65 Nova Eroica South Africa entry fee, or as part of CICLO CLUB EROICA


ATTENTION! Members of the CICLO CLUB EROICA may register directly through their personal YOUR EROICA page.


IMPORTANT! All participants must register individually. In order to create a TEAM, members must contact the organizers of Eroica South Africa directly through the REGISTRATION page.


It is only possible to register online with credit card payment.


Each individual participant will receive an email with a link to his/her own personal “YOUR EROICA” registration page. YOUR EROICA personal page will contain all the information you need to collect your race pack.


Art.5 Collection of the Race Number and Technical Pack


In order to collect your “race pack” you must present yourself at the following times:

- Friday 16 March 2018, 16:00 – 20:00;

- Saturday 17 March 2018, 05:00 – 10:00;

with the following documents:

Original, valid ID (ID card, passport or driver’s license);

Print-out of “YOUR EROICA” personal page;


Art.6 Substitutions or Cancellations


Substitutions are only possible after registration has been completed and only within the same team. In order to process a substitution, there will be an administration charge of €10.00. Substitutions will not be permitted after 15 February 2018.

If an entrant is unable to participate in Nova Eroica, he/she will not be entitled to the refund of the registration fee, nor will the race pack be sent.

Should you wish to cancel, you can do so online through YOUR EROICA personal page.


Art.7 Distribution of Race Numbers


Race numbers will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis, up to a certain number of entrants determined by the event organisers.


Art.8 Starting Times


All routes will be signposted but each participant must consult the "Road Book" and "Eroica Map". Maps and GPS routes can be downloaded from the Routes page on the website.

Starting times for the 155km route will be at 08:00 on 17 March 2018


Art.9 Time Limits for Assistance and Checkpoints


Road closure or marshalling will be decided by the local authorities and will be guaranteed until the end-of-race vehicle passes. Mechanical assistance might provided at each food stop, but racers are urged to be self-sufficient.


Times segments will be recorded through the Strava app.


Art.10 Teams and Classification


A team is a group of at least 5 cyclists who have a “team name” and wear the same jersey or something that clearly identifies them as a team. Teams can be members of an existing CLUB or a GROUP CREATED especially for NOVA EROICA.


Each team must have at least one female member.


IMPORTANT: (try to reach the finish line together as a compact group)


Art.11 Prize-Giving Ceremony


The official prize-giving ceremony will take place around 19:00 on 17 March 2018

The following teams will receive prizes:

first 3 OVERALL;

First TEAM;


At the finish line the overall times of all finishers will be published.


Art.12 Medical Assistance


Medical assistance includes the presence of ambulances with doctors and paramedics.


Art.13 Mechanical and Mobile Assistance


Any type of assistance provided by private vehicles following the race is strictly forbidden and will result in the disqualification of the team.


Art.14 Cancellation of the Event


Should the event be cancelled for reasons of force majeure, or for any other reason that does not depend on the organisers, the registration fee will not be refunded, nor will it be considered valid the following year.


Art.15 Variations


The organization reserves the incontestable right to make changes to the regulations at any time. The websites are the official source of information for the event and all official communications and any reopening of registration will be published there.


Art.16 Rights and Duties of the Riders


Affix the race number to the handlebars in a visible manner. Place the other race number provided by the organisers on your jersey. Neither number may be modified in any way.

Wear an approved rigid helmet and keep it secure for the entire duration of the race.

Strictly respect the rules of the road.

Cyclists who are overtaken by the end-of-race vehicle may continue the race without removing their race number. However, riders should be aware that they are no longer protected in that the road will thereafter be open to traffic.

Representatives of winning teams and individuals are obliged to participate in the official prize-giving ceremony, which will take place at 12:00. Failure to appear will lead to exclusion from the following edition of Nova Eroica.