Ciclo Club Eroica was born to gather a worldwide community of cycling enthusiasts, including both passionate collectors of vintage bicycles and those who love the road bike in all its forms.

Membership is annual for the entire solar year. For those who register from 10 October onwards, the membership is valid for the following solar year.  The cost for 2019 is €100 + the shipng cost of the Welcome kit.



After you have registered each year we will send a welcome box directly to your house including the following items:

-the Membership Card
-the Club T-Shirt
-the Cyclist's Diary
-the Badge for your Bike


Besides the guaranteed registration for L'Eroica Giole in Chianti, members of the Ciclo Club Eroica will receive the following benefits:

-Club Price for L'Eroica
-Special Prices for all other Eroica Events
-Dedicated Events (Eroica Dolomiti 2017)
-Club Travels


We are considering dedicated services for the members to make their participation in our events more pleasant and easier. We are working on the following:

-bicycle transport to our international events
-bicycle rentals at the events
-mechanical assistance at the events

Let us know what other services you consider useful or essential!