Bike of the Month – 1983 Gios Professional Proto
Sunday, 25 February 2018

Bike of the Month – 1983 Gios Professional Proto

By Andrea Fossati

A monument of the cycling heritage, an icon of unmistakable style and excellence.

An Italian cycling brand with a worldwide reputation, Gios Torino embodies a perfect harmony between innovation and elegance, a unique flair which has put the "blue bikes from Turin" to the forefront of the finest "Made in Italy"  bicycle design ever since.

1973 marked the partnership between Gios and the professional cycling team Brooklyn – led by the great Roger De Vlaeminck – and the beginning of Gios' worldwide success.
Since, the Italian bikes would be winning uncountable races and would appeal to riders and enthusiasts from the five continents for their unmistakable blue livery, like a few others in the cycling history.

Photo credit: Gios Torino Archive

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the winning collaboration with the Belgian champion, Gios released a new bicycle in 1983: the Gios Torino Professional.

Built as a development of its predecessor – the legendary Super Record – the Professional was manufactured between 1983 and 1986 and illustrated particular technical improvements:

- internally routed waterproof brake cable

- investment cast aero sloping fork crown

- investment cast bottom bracket shell with an incorporated bridge

- investment cast seat lug with an incorporated binder block

On the way to the final outcome of the model, the Clement team was about to be presented to the press in early 1983. Waiting for the special rubber seals of the internally routed brake cable to be delivered, a few prototypes were produced without this technical detail. Just as the bicycle pictured with Roger De Vlaeminck for the press launch which also Felice Gimondi attended to.

Photo credit: Gios Torino Archive

The Gios Professional frameset which appeared in 1983 catalog lacked the internally routed cable and was built with light and sturdy Columbus SL tubes – the same tubing was used for all later versions.

This particular Gios Professional is exactly one of the very first prototypes which date back to early 1983, thus extremely rare.
The bicycle underwent a complete service in the Berlin-based workshop of Steel Vintage Bikes, where it has been taken to its former glory.
Disassembled, cleaned, oiled and adjusted in all components, the bike also received new cables, tyres and bar tape so that it is ready to tackle the Eroica gravels.

Paintwork and decals have been masterly refurbished at Gios Torino factory in Volpiano.

Being a bicycle with particular history and pedigree, this Gios Torino Professional has been also registered in the Official Gios Torino Registry (No. 165 – 24.02.2018). 

Regarding the components, the bike is fully equipped with a Campagnolo 50th Anniversary groupset (No. 12697), Cinelli stem and bars, Nisi Mixer rims.

This Gios Torino Professional embodies the Italian cycling heritage at its finest. Not only it is a perfect bicycle to tackle the Eroica gravels but also to enrich any serious collection.

Find more pics and information about the bike here.

Founded in 1948 by Tolmino Gios, the Italian brand Gios Torino still manufacturers handmade racing bicycles in Volpiano (Turin, Italy).
With notable passion and attention to detail, Aldo Gios and his son Marco have continued the tradition of this glorious brand for many years already.
A sincere thank to Gios Torino for the restoration service, photo material, anecdotes and their usual kindness.