Heroic yesterday, heroic today, “Eroica” my way
Wednesday, 01 March 2017

Heroic yesterday, heroic today, “Eroica” my way

I became “heroic” one afternoon in 1985. Well actually, I already was “heroic” but the bicycle that my father bought me had undergone several transformations and I never really considered it a racing bike. My brand new Colnago Master was just that – a real racing bike. It had red webbing on a white frame, which was very trendy back then. That bike had a smell that you will only recall if you ever polished one of those bikes to the point of wearing off some of the paint. It was the perfect ‘heroic’ bike because the brake cables were exposed. Just a few years later, they were inside the handlebars with the special Campagnolo levers that made them so perfect. Some people even bored holes in their handlebars to hide the cables.
I became “heroic” again a few years ago, polishing up a bike that a friend lent me because mine was dismantled while substituting components, including parts of the frame, with the idea of building a lighter and better ‘performing’ bike, as we say today.
While looking for parts, I also rediscovered the pleasure and joy of rebuilding a bicycle piece by piece, of repairing instead of substituting. Substitution was a mini-failure for me in my dreams for myself as a mechanic and rider.
I didn’t become either of the two but, when I can, I try to get back to repairing and polishing my bike, it’s my way of being a bit “heroic”. Like when I follow the true “Heroes”, the ones with the capital H; me with my camera, always envying them a little from my car or motorbike. Always trying to disturb them as little as possible, but always carrying a spare tube, some wrenches and a pump. So if someone needs a hand, the least I can do is dirty mine.
Guido Rubino, director Cyclinside.it