​Hinault the Great, then and now
Monday, 03 April 2017

​Hinault the Great, then and now

A few days ago in Cervia, I had the privilege of interviewing Bernard Hinault. He is certainly one of the Big Five, as they say in Africa when referring to the animal kingdom.
Bernard is a little greyer but he has not lost any of that proud power that enabled him to win in the saddle, practically whenever he wanted. He wanted it less than Merckx and he often left the glory of the finish line to others for old-fashioned courtesy and respect for their work.
And he stopped at a young age when he was just 32, when he began to understand that his will may no longer have been enough.
Hinault the Great, even in the simplicity of his smile. Ten victories in seven years between the Tour, Giro and Vuelta, many more on the road, even in races that he did not relish, such as the Roubaix.
I think he represented the end of an era, when the motor was still fuelled by what mother made.
Many great cyclists came after him but science was already besieging our fantastic sport....


Giancarlo Brocci