How Eroica South Africa Poster is Born
Saturday, 16 March 2019

How Eroica South Africa Poster is Born

We wanted the focus to be on the iconic lansdscape of Montague, the mountains, the aloes, the vibrant colours, Eloise, the artist who created the poster for Eroica South Africa 2019, tells us. The adventurous feeling of participating in the race, slowly climbing a hill as the sun rises and spreads over the environment is the moment I wanted to capture. 
As the sun highlights and segments the surface of the rocks, it's very beautiful in a dramatic and eye-catching way. With that, we wanted to emphasize that participating in Eroica is not only a race but an experience within a unique location".
How did you get involved in Eroica?
"In 2018 Stan Engelbrecht, the organizer of Eroica South Africa, asked me to design the poster and it was a great experience. We were very happy with how it came together". 
 What technique did you use?
"Being more of a classic illustrator, most of it is done by hand. After collecting reference images, I use these to design the poster in pencil. Trying to get the feeling you want without the bells and whistles at first. Getting a strong basis and then from there on I make a final pen drawing which is scanned, composited and coloured digitally. I used some painted textures which are subtly layered to create dimension in the sky". 
Do you work on other similar projects?
"With my focus mainly on personal Art and design projects I am selective in what brands I work with. I really like the vintage angle of the race and that it promotes history and interest in the environments it takes place in. Cycle races have always been synonymous with design in terms of poster design so it was definitely a dream come true to make a cycling poster, especially for Eroica