The last like the first
Thursday, 12 January 2017

The last like the first

When you consider the last like the first, starting from the bottom, from the depths, from the end. When you consider the black jersey as seductive to wear and as difficult to obtain as the pink.
When you consider Malabrocca to be more valorous than Nibali, because Malabrocca was last twice at the Giro d’Italia and Nibali was first twice, but Malabrocca was also second last on two occasions, whereas Nibali has never come second.
When you consider saying “blessed the first, they are the same as the last”.
When you consider bruschetta and ribollita to be more regenerative than an energy bar or a gel, and a glass of farmhouse Chianti a better thirst-quencher than an industrial energy drink.
When you consider that under the woolen or Gore-Tex jersey, there is always only a simple man or woman and their passion.
When you consider pedals as a keyboard for the feet.
When you consider that the white roads are so called even though they can boast infinite shades of grey or brown because they are like the pages of a novel still to be written.
When you consider all of this, then you can say that you are truly Eroico (Heroic).
Marco Pastonesi