The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest
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Over the next few days, Eroica partner, Maglificio Santini from Lallio, in the north of Italy will begin producing protective face masks for distribution in Bergamo and its province, one of the worst hit areas by the coronavirus.

 Eroica will ask its large community to sustain a fundraising campaign to help finance the production of one of the most important means of containing the epidemic: “As you all know, my mode of communication is very down to earth, familiar, in the style of Berruti and with his kind of passion – recounts Giancarlo Brocci, creator of L’Eroica. - The first time I went to the Santini factory – they were already partners of Eroica – I remember how the owners, Monica and Paola, were delighted to introduce me to their father and founder of the business, Pietro. And I remember the pride with which they insisted on keeping the old knitting machines, the ones that were there when they started their quality work, along their fortunate entrepreneurial path. They approached L’Eroica and its old moth-eaten jerseys mostly because of Pietro and his formidable roots. He was a reserved character and you could tell that he was happy and proud, especially of those daughters who have made his business a world leader in its sector. Of course, we ended up talking bikes; Pietro cycled in Gimondi’s time and they were friends. He knew so much about cycling that he had even heard of the first small races I had organised and we had lots of people in common. He knew everything and his eyes lit up at our conversation. Maglificio Santini is a partner of Eroica, and the factory started recreating those amazing wool jerseys that can now be found all over the world. Today, in the middle of this national emergency, the company has decided to start producing the masks that are increasingly difficult to find. What a heroic way to lend a hand and keep the light of passion and pride alive, in that proud heart of Italy that resists and will bounce back stronger and more conscientious than ever. "

We are organising a campaign, called STOPCORONA, to raise funds to produce protective face masks. Soon, we will communicate the instruments and means we plan to use for this crowdfunding effort, in which some Eroica partners will also participate.

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