The Eroica Ciclo Club is born, or more precisely, it is born again. Those who came to L'Eroica in the beginning (today we are delighted that this has become a cause for pride) will remember that some very homemade membership cards were printed at the time. They gave a sense of belonging and were aimed at creating loyalty among some of the great characters who were involved in the newspaper that was published just once. We’re talking about some of L’Eroica’s best known names (Berruti, Luzzana, Fioresi, Leonardi...) as well as journalists, writers and collectors who contributed to the paper with their literary efforts. Today, as we prepare for the twentieth edition, it is time to give a sense of completeness to the idea of an Eroica Ciclo Club, a group of people who share our idea of cycling and who want to experience and develop it more intensely with us. From the pioneering times when the idea of an Eroica Club was just a glimmer, much has changed in terms of Eroica numbers and geography but very little in terms of its fundamental values. I could continue but I don’t want to get into a philosophical discussion here. One thing is certain and we can express it in one of the founding concepts of the new Club: we want to win back our sport, the great cycling of yore that has a store of passion that is even greater than the expectations of notoriously optimistic people like us. Club membership involves an annual subscription that includes a series of exclusive benefits and the creation of a community to share ideas and initiatives, develop proposals, enjoy special moments together and avail of services that will make the Eroica experience extraordinary. If you think this is a commercial venture, you are simply invited not to subscribe. There is no obligation, the Ciclo Club will thrive with those who know and have always known that we never wanted to create a fashionable event; we have always thought that it was possible to realize the dreams of our youth.
Our dream is to design the cycling of the future and to live (as we already do) this extraordinary experience of ‘heroic’ cycling; we choose life, culture, fatigue and adventure, friendship and tourism, with the joy of getting back to the beauty of a great sport, for sport’s sake. The list of services included in your subscription can be found elsewhere; what I can guarantee is that the cost of the card will be more than covered by the benefits. Just to give an example, club membership will ensure participation in all the Eroicas at the club rate, which will be the best rate available. For this reason there is no subscription fee, just the annual membership that allows everyone to measure what their Ciclo Club membership means to them.

You’ll see: we will achieve great things together. 

Giancarlo Brocci

Gaiole in Chianti, August 2016