We hereby present our global sponors, who we prefer to refer to as partners. Without them many of the Eroicas in the world could have not happened maintaining the same spirit of L'Eroica, which our partners have highly appreciated.


Santini SMS was founded in 1965 with the intuition of Pietro Santini to specialize in technical clothing for cycling, due to his strong passion for the sport. Since the beginning the Italian company chose to design and produce all products exclusively in Italy, and each item is developed by a team of designers passionate for the two wheels. Santini’s history intersects with the Maglia Rosa, the Rainbow Jersey of the World Champion and now L’Eroica. With a constant R&D investment, Santini’s mission is always alive: to refine its creations in order to help people practicing their passions while wearing comfortable and stylish clothes.


Bianchi, founded in Milan in 1885, is a performance bicycle company characterized by product driven technology and Italian design. Bianchi believes the frame is the heart of the bicycle and it’s constantly investing in material technology with the aim to produce the best bikes in the world. All frames, as well as all graphics and colors combinations, are created and developed in the Bianchi headquarter in Treviglio (Bergamo, Italy).
With its Reparto Corse (Racing Department), Bianchi led the way with race proven geometry and technology as the market changed from steel to aluminum and then titanium, and now to the most advanced material, carbon.


Made in Germany since 1871, Continental keep developing new revolutionary technologies in their Technology and Development Center in Korbach, Germany. The unbeatable BlackChili Compound and the ultimate Vectran Breaker anti puncture technology are both used at the highest levels of competitive cycling. These technologies demand sophisticated processes to ensure the legendary Continental product quality. Such innovations can only be manufactured in the Conti factory in Germany. Countless victories and achievements in professional cycling are further evidence of the superior performance of the products from Continental.


Science and Soul. These may seem like two disparate ideas, but throughout Giro Sport Design’s 30-year history we’ve placed equal value on each. We geek out on data churned out by comprehensive testing, but it’s the ride that motivates us. We’re ride activists. The ride is everything: how we cut loose, how we connect with our community, what we plan our time around. And we believe in coming up with new ideas to enhance the ride. Because for us, enhancing your ride (and enhancing our own) is the greatest motivator. We’ve improved the ride in a lot of great ways, but if our history is any indication of our trajectory—we’ve just started.


In 1889 two brothers, Léon and Laurent Vielle, created a 'nickel-plating' business in 1889. A little later Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel ventured into the 'manufacture and the sale of spare parts for bicycles' with the brand name MAVIC, Manufacture d’Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel. The common factor between these two businesses was their President, Henry Gormand.
Besides for their products, Mavic is worldwide known for their assistance service offered at all major professional races since 1973. At races, Mavic makes available to all competitors a ‘neutral and free’ assistance.


Brooks England is steeped in history, a prestige brand that boasts almost 150 years of tradition and expertise. Brooks leather saddles have been the choice of many champions of the past, since the early beginnings of road racing to the times of Bartali and Coppi and later. Brooks has been proudly supporting L’Eroica since 2004.


For over 30 years Elite has been a leading Italian company in the production of water bottles, bottle cages and in-door trainers and rollers. Elite sponsors many leading professional teams who take part in the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia. World Championships and all the classic races.
Thanks to its relationship with the teams, Elite is able to innovate and produce high end cycling products.

Pantofola d'Oro

Pantofola d’Oro nasce was founded in 1866 by the Lazzarini family as a small shoe workshop. After the 2nd World War, Emidio Lazzarini, who inherited his father's business, made it grow to a leading brand.
The name Pantofola d’Oro was born by chance. During and interview in 1959 the famous football player John Charles talks about his footballl shoes and says: "These are not shoes, they feel like slippers, golden slippers." Golden slippers translates "Pantofola d'Oro" in Italian.
In the 1970s and 1980s Pantofola d'Oro develops a cycling shoe, worn by champions like Claudio Chiappucci and Francesco Moser.

Steel Vintage Bikes

Steel Vintage Bikes is a world-renowned web store for classic and vintage bicycles, operating from their workshop, showroom and bicycle café based in Berlin, Germany. Their story began in 2012, born out of an appetite to reconnect people with the passion, authenticity and superb quality of hand-built steel bicycles. Working closely with a number of European collectors – mostly Italian – from their inception, Steel Vintage Bikes continue to discover the finest examples of cycling history, from bicycles made by Umberto Dei, to the Ramata of Wilier-Triestina and the legendary Arabesque designs of Ernesto Colnago. All their Eroica bicycles are approved to take part in Eroica events worldwide.