Our venture began in 1997 because we love cycling, but the idea has deeper roots. We admire the values of a bygone cycling era, which we want people to learn about. It's a cycling era that has inspired lots of Italian literature, culture and music and that has also marked some Italian history.
We want to spread the rootes and values of an extraordinary sport with a popular soul to re-discover the Beauty of Fatigue and the Thrill of Conquest.

Our 21st EDITION

L'Eroica of Gaiole in Chianti will take place on Sunday 1 October 2017.
It will be the 21st edition of the event!
We wait for you on the Strade Bianche of Tuscany.


The Other EROICA

Lastest NEWS

The last like the first

When you consider the last like the first, starting from the bottom, from the depths, from the end. When you consider the black jersey as seductive to wear and as difficult to obtain as the pink.

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Best wishes dear Eroici!

It would be fantastic to take life, its difficulties and people like a regular Eroica, with a smile and with the idea of sharing a challenge, safe in the knowledge

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In spring Nova Eroica and Eroica Montalcino

After the extraordinary success of the second edition, Eroica Primavera will become a dual event. On 30 April Nova Eroica will be launched in Buonconvento, and on the following Sunday, 7 May, we’ll have Eroica Montalcino

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How to Prepare for the Rides


L’Eroica was born as a celebration of road cycling, of the history and values of this sport. L'Eroica and the other Eroca Events in the World are history inspired, therefore the participation in the events is reserved primarily to cyclists with original cycling vintage clothing or new vintange inspired cycling apparel, and riding Historical Bikes (Bici Eroiche) or Vintage-Looking Bikes, as illustrated in the dedicated section.


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