La beauté de la fatigue et le frisson de la conquête

Although it has the name of "Short Route", the path we have designed is still Eroic.

Its 74 km pass between vineyards, gravel roads and municipalities characteristic of the culture of La Rioja. More than 50% of this route will cover the Ways of Santiago, both the French and the Basque Interior. The urban bikes can also participate in this tour if they are from before the year 1987, and provided they are restored and not tuned.

The route begins in HARO. After our passage through the well-known Barrio de las Bodegas (Borough of Wineries), an emblematic place where the largest number of centennial wineries in La Rioja is concentrated, we will cross the Ebro river through a medieval bridge towards Briñas. From here we will pedal to San Vicente de la Sonsierra crossing the bridge of medieval origin so characteristic of this town, to ascend towards the castle through its narrow and paved streets, where every year during Easter Week the famous “Picaos” procession passes, a suprising religious tradition with ancient origins. In this cozy Riojan enclave, the riders can enjoy a first food stop that, given the proximity to the starting point, and considering the time for which most participants will pass by, will be a rich Heroic breakfast that promises not to leave anyone indifferent.

Crossing several of its characteristic streets, we will leave the village and we will pedal along the Ebro riverbank, seeing on the right the Davalillo Castle. From there we will cross small charming villages such as Baños de Ebro where we will cross the homogenous river that bathes this area on the way to Nájera. In this historic village of La Rioja, which has a must visit in the Monastery of Santa María la Real, where ancient kings and nobles of the Kingdom of Pamplona-Nájera are buried, the second provision of the Short Tour will be arranged with delicious and typical Rioja food, ideal to gather strength and face the march to Santo Domingo de la Calzada with energy.

We leave Nájera to follow the Way of Santiago to the Jacobean city of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, whose bell tower of the cathedral we can see from the distance. It will be a section of 22 km of wonderful rolling on very little agricultural tracks, touching the town of Azofra and passing next to the Fuente de los Romeros. Once in Santo Domingo de la Calzada, a last food stop of enjoyment and recovery of forces awaits us at the last of the supplies of this route. Santo Domingo de La Calzada, a pilgrim's refuge that has numerous historical, patrimonial and architectural attractions, highlighting its cathedral in which a miracle occurred hundreds of years ago, or as the popular legend says there “sang the chicken after being roasted ".

With a full stomach and rested legs, from here we have the last 20 placid kilometers before finally crossing the finish line, returning to Haro. A flat section that develops along the less known Way of the Basque Interior, passing before by Bañares and Zarratón. Finally, we will touch again the Borough of the Wineries before facing the last Eroica climb to reach the Plaza de la Paz the Capital of Rioja.

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