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The “Eroica” bike thirty years on

A frame the shape of a pentagon, two wheels, the front giving direction and the back moved by a chainset. Handlebars like upside-down horns and a comfortable saddle to sit on.

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75 year old, Vittorio Zanoboni hasn't missed one

The story of Vittorio Zanoboni, 75 years old from Tavarnuzze, ex-restaurateur by profession and cyclist by passion, begins with an anecdote. “In 1997, a dear friend, Giancarlo Brocci.....

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Heroic applause for Fabio Aru

Let's talk about this new type of cycling, in which there are no big differences, in which the descents, the wind and mechanical problems can make a bigger difference than big mountains.

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Community Eroica

L'Eroica is the first cycling community to use Triboom, an instrument that is already widely used by basketball and rugby fans to support their teams. L'Eroica will use Triboom to weave even stronger ties with the whole “Eroica Movement” that loves the event and everything it represents. We will use this space to promote and finance projects that are dear to us, but also to gather ideas and exchange opinions that will help to build an even more ‘heroic’ future. 

"Welcome to you special people, that rare humanity, that love L'Eroica, just as much as we who have organised it since the beginning. We have managed to transmit to each of you newcomers our values, sentiments and passion, without which our event would not be ‘heroic’. 
Welcome to all the volunteers, those from Gaiole or those just passing through, without whom L’Eroica would not be a festival and without whom it would certainly not be so fantastic."

Giancarlo Brocci




How to Prepare for the Rides


L’Eroica was born as a celebration of road cycling, of the history and values of this sport. L'Eroica and the other Eroca Events in the World are history inspired, therefore the participation in the events is reserved primarily to cyclists with original cycling vintage clothing or new vintange inspired cycling apparel, and riding Historical Bikes (Bici Eroiche) or Vintage-Looking Bikes, as illustrated in the dedicated section.


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