La beauté de la fatigue et le frisson de la conquête


The wine hills are also bike hills, and an increasingly popular setting for classic cycling.

 Prosecco has established itself on the very hills that have become works of art, where the vines design the landscape and their produce has become a young and explosive trend around the world.

Eroica, another brand that talks of bikes and lifestyle, approached the roads of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene with NOVA; the idea is to unite the modern vehicle with roads that have not been tarred, maintaining road cycling’s strong roots in a context of innovation.

This amazing sport is taking over the world, mixing competitive segments with moments of relax, serene smiles with sections that are extremely difficult yet inspiringly exhausting.

The Susegana scenery will be fantastic, as will its roads, which are ready to be put forward as magnificent and permanent leisure cycling itineraries.