The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

"We want people to rediscover the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest"

Spain, for me, was the cycling of romantic climbers, that kind of cyclist that on the downhill almost stopped, the Don Quixote, the knight with the sad countenance, the unfortunate Luis Ocaña, or the heroic Lejarreta who was always riding, Delgado and his Eroica in the yellow jersey; and an unforgettable world championship in Benidorm, when two gentle, magnificent and beautiful cyclists challenged and Gianni Bugno, my favorite, finally beat a monumental Indurain. Spain, in addition to the country that gave a romantic idiom to my beloved Latin America, is the place where they let the Osborne's bulls on the crags, where ancient traditions survive because they are strong identities, affiliations and values. Furthermore, Spain shares a place of myth, history of the Tour deFrance, the Pyrenees; and has cultivated the cult of the Camino de Santiago, the way of the soul, with its churches and castles, as in my Chianti. In the region La Rioja there are also many landscapes similar to mine, where man has designed beautiful vineyards, which have preserved their path on gravel roads and colors to paint the seasons. 

Finally there is Willy Mulonía, the most similar to me I've had the chance to meet until today: first the heart, mind, purpose, value advocate, also the adventure, why not, and then everything else. Fast, but that leaves a nice feeling.

Last, but not least, the attentive and affectionate, sociable welcome an extraordinarily beautiful territory and its institutions.

My daughter L'Eroica will be loved in Spain. Dear and beloved by so many beautiful people.

Giancarlo Brocci