The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest
   Edition 2023

Those who have already experienced the events related to the world of Eroica

and have observed the accompanying details closely would have realized that Eroica has undergone a change that has led to a choice: to respect the places that host it and to contribute to their preservation. In sports, there are inherent ethical values that are transmitted through events, races, and competitions. These values are so strong that they transcend all differences.

The sport represented in Eroica is an ancient sport, characterized by hard work but also by hopeful aspirations, optimism, and rebirth. For this reason, hope, optimism, and rebirth have been the foundations that have driven the efforts over time to make all the events sustainable, from L'Eroica in Gaiole in Chianti to Eroica Montalcino and NOVA Eroica in Buonconvento. These events serve as a means to protect the territory, preserve it, and raise awareness among participants about environmental culture and consciousness.

Epic cycling and the modern events of NOVA serve as a driving force in the municipalities they pass through, not only activating economic benefits for the regions but also conveying the message that the use of bicycles is not only associated with heroic racing but is also the rediscovery of an object that is both ancient and modern, a sustainable means of transportation with minimal environmental impact.

Through small actions involving the entire community of Eroica enthusiasts and many of the partnerships that Eroica forges, sharing values and ethical principles, the sustainable aspect of the events has emerged, setting an example for the territories where the sport is seen as a great opportunity not only for economic and social revival but also as a significant value for the environment and its preservation.

During the Eroica event in late May, in Montalcino, cyclists will find waste separation stations at refreshment points along with clear indications for waste disposal. The "Adotta un chilometro" initiative involves Eroica participants in cleaning the sections of the routes traversed by the race. The new "ciclotappo" initiative turns bottle caps into recycled objects, engaging people in an ancient game associated with cycling in the past. The Plastic Free initiative led by the Broccino group has long been working to eliminate plastic waste from the territories of the municipalities affected by the Eroica Montalcino races.

In addition to these initiatives directly related to the territory, there will be a cycling jersey made from recycled denim and printed with eco-friendly ink by Roy Roger's, as well as the promotion of proper road behavior advocated by the Michele Scarponi Foundation. Environmental and biodiversity protection, circular economy linked to bicycles, promotion of local products, and encouragement of sustainable tourism and mobility make Eroica a movement dedicated to environmental sustainability, aiming to promote a development model where the protection of the environment and the enhancement of the territory are considered fundamental elements for the growth and well-being of local communities.

Alessandra Ortenzi

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