The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest
   Edition 2024

We live in a world where being in a hurry all the time has become part of our everyday lifestyle: frenetic rhythms that make us slaves to time which are detrimental to our health and well-being.

The secret is to take our time to enjoy things in life in order not to be sucked into the vortex of life and the world.

Perhaps booking a cruise to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean in just one week, or getting on a plane to visit Europe in a single weekend, may seem ideal holiday solutions since these options give you the possibility of reconciling the desire to learn about new places and the need to optimize our free time. However, it is essential to recognize how important it is to detach ourselves from this way of traveling so as to undertake the experience of the so-called "slow journey". This is an itinerary, of varying length, to be completed either on foot or by bicycle. The white roads of Tuscany create the perfect combination for this type of adventure. What is the need to rush while doing this experience on these paths?

This territory is unique in the world and it allows us to discover its extraordinary richness thanks to its endless possibilities. You may find yourself immersed in unspoiled greenery or even feel the overwhelming sense of relief walking around the beautiful abbeys and small churches along the routes on the Tuscan hills. Let yourself be intrigued by the mystery hidden among the dense woods surrounding the small medieval villages. What's more, perceive the scents of the Mediterranean scrub and at the same time taste the excellent products that this territory offers, such as wine, olive oil, cheese and honey.

Only by "traveling slowly", you will appreciate the infinite potential of these routes and as a result "traveling slowly" becomes synonymous with living completely in harmony with ourselves and above all with nature. For this specific reason, it is our duty to care for the protection and maintenance of these types of roads for which we should fully commit ourselves to.

The example of the "strade bianche" (white roads) in Siena shows how this series of nature trails has now also become an engaging tourist offer of an immense landscape with such an environmental and cultural heritage.

If we try to detach ourselves from a provincial and regional point of view and start to change our perspective on this from further afield, it is not utopian to think that the valorisation and protection of the white roads, already existing in Europe, could represent an excellent source of income in human and mainly in economic terms. Indeed, the resources that our region offers us are several and the creation of a network of cycle paths, and natural hiking trails, can only be the turning point for our lives and the world's welfare. Suggesting a valid alternative to the frenetic journeys we are all used to could be the key to rediscovering the beauty of our surroundings. In addition, this can teach us how vital it is to get to know a place in depth, to discover its roots without the rush of having to keep up with a clock that, paradoxically, cannot keep up with our human rhythms.

Matilde Pieri

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