The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest
   Edition 2024

L’Eroica; the name is enough to awaken the strongest emotions.

The type of emotions that steal your heart and induce you to pedal into the future with our most deep-rooted values in your thoughts: work, fatigue and sacrifice but most of all joy in achieving your goal and the poetry of the effort involved. This is how it has always been. Ever since that distant 1997, when L’Eroica was born and began its success story, first in the province of Siena, then in Tuscany, throughout Italy and now all over the world. 

With L’Eroica, you rediscover the pleasure of living, the serenity of slow travel, the enormous wealth of the environment around you. “L’Eroica is poetry on two wheels”, it is the romantic idea of the cycling of heroes who at one time even contributed to the history of a country such as Italy and to filling its bookshelves with quality literature. L’Eroica and its white roads that have been saved from the onslaught of tar, both help to preserve a landscape, which is truly unique in the world. 

L’Eroica is also its cyclists: men and women of every age and social extraction, from every country in the world. They crowd into the Chianti region on the first Sunday of October every year to pay homage to the bicycle, to the good vibes that cycling creates, to the choice of cycling as a sport that teaches us how to get ahead in life, just by the sheer force of our own two legs. L’Eroica is this and much much more, recognised, as it is today, in every language and on every continent, making it a symbol that is ever more attractive and successful. 

Livio Iacovella

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