The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest
   Edition 2024

Eroica Montalcino grows in beauty and in the great name of a town that has become a global must-visit for its Brunello wine and its history as a medieval city.

In Montalcino, unique elements are added that make it an increasingly sought-after destination for global cycling tourism. Meanwhile, it is the halfway point of the permanent route of L'Eroica, the first one made evident and distinguished by highly visible signage, accessible throughout the year. It is also the highest point of an altitude profile that is not extremely challenging but complex, marking the finish of the ascent of Castiglion del Bosco, the longest and most demanding climb among the numerous ramps scattered throughout the 209 km of the long route. 

Furthermore, Eroica Montalcino has developed several other sections of its own distinctive white gravel roads, which have been added to a well-established heritage, showcasing beautiful and truly special places and landscapes. Montalcino is gradually becoming an increasingly recognized name in professional cycling as well, with the last two stages of the Giro d'Italia featuring live global broadcasts and specific technical solutions, showcasing the challenging terrains and gravel roads that have brought this magnificent sport back to its roots. Recently, with Eroica Juniores and other junior and gravel races, Montalcino has established itself as a cycling hub, increasingly integrated into the global map of places where cycling enthusiasts must go, where they can measure themselves, and where a network of gravel paths is even more extensive than elsewhere in the Siena area. 

It is worth mentioning, not a minor detail, that the president of Eroica Italia, the reference point of a top-notch organization, is Franco Rossi, from the center of Montalcino, who has moved several of the terminals that make Eroica an increasingly capable machine to respond to the influx of demands, a cutting-edge event that anticipates the times and designs a mass cycling event with an eye toward the future. The comparison with Gaiole in Chianti, with L'Eroica with an apostrophe? It is not relevant; here, nobody is jealous, and there would be no reason to be. Gaiole is where everything began, where the world continues to arrive as if it were a mecca of passion, with a beautiful history and ample spaces. And, why not, it still has the Brocci, which I believe it has earned through its ideas, career, and perseverance, ensuring a long life.

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