The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest
   Edition 2024

Gravel is a discipline that offers a unique mix of adventure, challenge, and connection with nature, attracting cyclists who seek to escape the traffic of main roads and discover new scenic routes.

Looking to the future of the Gravel phenomenon, it is predicted to continue growing in popularity. Many cycling enthusiasts find Gravel to be a versatile and exciting way to explore new territories and challenge themselves on stimulating routes. Furthermore, Gravel also represents a response to the increasing environmental awareness, as it often encourages contact with nature and promotes an active and sustainable lifestyle.

The Gravel Championship and NOVA Eroica are initiatives that combine the essence of Eroica, an internationally renowned cycling event, with the emerging discipline of Gravel.

The idea of merging Eroica with the concept of Gravel was born out of the desire to offer participants a unique cycling experience that embraces both the nostalgic charm of classic races on white roads and the adventure of new challenges presented by Gravel.

ACSI - Associazione di Cultura, Sport e Tempo Libero già Associazione Centri Sportivi Italiani, is a sports association that promotes sports as a tool for human, social, and cultural growth. Through the Gravel Championship and NOVA Eroica, ACSI is committed to valorizing the territory by encouraging the discovery of new routes, the knowledge of local traditions, and the promotion of environmental sustainability.

On the eve of NOVA Eroica Buonconvento, we interviewed Emiliano Borgna, president of ACSI Cycling, to explain why ACSI seized the opportunity to host a stage of the ACSI National Championship on Saturday, June 24th. He shared insights into the origins and the future of the phenomenon and how ACSI embraces the values of Eroica and the concept of territory valorization.

"In the future, considering what we are gathering from an associative perspective, we see a great change, and once again, we are here to support what Eroica did 26 years ago with the birth of L'Eroica in Gaiole in Chianti and what it also did for modern cycling. Eroica was once again the first to organize a Gravel event when Gravel was still not widely known. This desire for change, for events with very high organizational standards to be enjoyed in a much slower manner, finds its epitome in NOVA, not only because it was the first event of this kind (remember that the first edition of NOVA Eroica took place in 2017). Many events that were once conceived as more classic formats are now facing certain organizational difficulties. For this reason, we enthusiastically support not only new initiatives but also initiatives that promote territory and the inherent values of cycling. All of this has led to the assignment of the Gravel Championship to NOVA Eroica Buonconvento, a stage that is gathering more and more consensus year after year."

The race will only take place on the long Terra di Siena route: 130 kilometers with a total elevation gain of 2140 meters.

The rankings will be determined by the sum of the individual times on the timed sections, while the ACSI National Gravel Champion jerseys will be awarded to the top finishers in each Male, Female, and Handicap category (as defined by Article 12). 

The awarding of the ACSI National Gravel Champion jerseys will take place at the end of the race in the Bike Village at 5:00 PM on Saturday.

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