The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Art. 1

THE REGISTER OF HEROIC BIKES seeks to collect images, news and information aimed at creating a catalogue of racing and non-racing bicycles, which were unequivocally built before 1987.

Therefore, all bikes built before this year that have been well preserved or restored, may be included in the Register.

Art. 2

The year 1987 is considered as the cut-off date for HEROIC BICYCLES because this is the year in which the traditional cage pedals on most bikes were replaced by modern Look pedals (although some cyclists, such as Frenchman Hinault, had already been using the modern pedals for several years).

Art. 3

The REGISTER consists of a series of numbered forms that include information on the: brand, model, year of construction, colour, frame height, serial number (if any) and the origin of the bike, if it is known. Particulars regarding the components are also recorded, such as the crank-set, brakes, handlebars, saddle etc., as well as other notes that are considered relevant in cataloguing the bike. A photograph is also attached to the form and a note on whether the bicycle is Restored or Preserved and, in case of the latter, the state of preservation (excellent, good, sufficient).

Art. 4

A Commission of Experts verifies the correctness of the information provided.

However, the Commission may contest the information provided by the owner, based on the experience and specific knowledge of the members of the Commission.

Art. 5

Following acknowledgement of the validity of the information provided, each HEROIC BICYCLE is issued with a CERTIFICATE and an aluminium plate with a registration number to be fixed onto the frame.

Art. 6

Your bicycle can be registered by coming to Gaiole in Chianti in person with your bike each year on the Friday and Saturday before L’Eroica, or at Eroica Montalcino on the Friday and Saturday before the event.

Art. 7

Each bicycle may be registered only once, the number assigned to it certifying its existence on the date of registration.

Any change of ownership will be considered only if communicated by the new owner, who may request a new CERTIFICATE that shows the new ownership information.

Inclusion on the REGISTER does not involve annual costs, nor does it need to be renewed.

At the time of registration, a contribution to cover expenses is requested. The amount is established annually by the Group that is responsible for the Register.