The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Every L’Eroica lover is an enthusiast of cycling craftsmanship. Only bicycles, apparel and accessories from the old good times can deliver that handmade feeling that drives us crazy.

Or maybe not? At the end of the day, we love cycling memorabilia not because they are from the past but because they are objects made by human beings using their hands and their heart. This is how unanimated pieces of metal, cloth, rubber suddenly bring life.

L’Eroica is pleased to offer a special accessory dedicated to those who value uniqueness and craftmanship more than anything. Cotton tire experts Vittoria and A. Dugast have collaborated for the creation of a limited-edition cotton tubular celebrating L’Eroica and all its enthusiasts.

This is a hand-made all-purpose competition tubular tire. It uses the diamond tread of the glorious Vittoria Corsa CX tubulars to provide excellent grip on both dry and wet road surfaces. The light “Flying Doctor” cotton casing – A. Dugast finest – offers increased protection against flats caused by stones and glass. The casing is coated with neoprene for increased protection from bad weather.

Vittoria special edition tubular for L’Eroica made by A. Dugast is available in 25 mm width to offer extra comfort and lower rolling resistance. The limited-edition tubular is produced in 118 pieces only – just 59 people will own a pair of them - and is 100% hand-made by A. Dugast tire artisans in their workshop in the Netherlands. They use natural materials, such high-quality cotton, natural rubber and natural latex. Both the hand-made process and the natural materials not only give a small ecological footprint but give you as a rider a very comfortable and high quality tubular to ride with.

Handcrafting allows A. Dugast for extreme customization. In fact, the Vittoria special edition tubular for L’Eroica made by A. Dugast will be numbered and customized with your – or any other person’s of your choice – initials. This makes your tire a unique piece, a special object to collect.

Vittoria special edition tubular for L’Eroica made by A. Dugast is available for purchase in pair at € 230,00. They are packed and delivered in a beautiful, one-of-a-kind special edition cotton musette. Get now a pair of inimitable hand-made tubulars!