The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Our proposal is now official: long routes (209 and 135 km) on Saturday 2 October, short routes, including the 106 km, on Sunday 3 October, according to the times provided in the Regulations

. L'Eroica starts over with this important change, which is dictated by the need to deal with the health emergency in every way possible, in agreement with the local authorities. To make our favourite event more accessible to our participants, we will deal with this situation, and the new one of the elections in the Siena province, taking on these additional commitments, while counting on your support and your great passion.

From your correspondence, apart from the natural inconvenience and a very limited number of mostly well-mannered criticisms, we know that you understand. We are sure that you will help us to create an even more special event, thanks to the love we have for our shared heritage and the passion that honours its history; ours is that wonderful classic cycling that we are bringing back to the people.

Giancarlo Brocci