The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

This is the most challenging route, that runs 157 km in the beautiful nature of Azuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture. A true hero will fall in love with this route! Get ready to sweat and enjoy the Eroica's challenge.

The long route is the best route for those who want to taste the spirit of Eroica. It is a route to fully enjoy Azuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture.
Start in front of the Kita-Karuizawa Old Kusagaru Electric Railway Station Building and go down to Naganohara-cho. Pass through the center of Naganohara and enter the National Route No.292.
Turn right at Prefectural Road No.55 at a three-way intersection near the police box in the Rokugo district, checkpoint at Yama-no-Ue Garden. Go down Kuresaka Toge and follow the National Route 353.
Turn left and climb to Shima Onsen.
Enter the Manzawa-rindo Forest Road and enjoy about 20 km on an unpaved road.
Checkpoint at Shiriyaki Onsen from Route 405.

After passing through the aid station at Kusatsu Onsen, run along the Tsumagoi Panorama Line. Checkpoint at Aisai-no-Oka hill.

Follow the Panorama Line  to prefectural road No.235, then return to the start and finish point.

Long route

Aid Station 1 & Checkpoint 1: Yama-no-Ue Garden (snacks)

Aid Station 2 & Checkpoint 2: Shima Onsen

Checkpoint 3: Manzawa Forest Road

Aid Station 3 & Checkpoint 4: Shiriyaki Onsen (Hoshigaoka-Sanso)

Aid Station 4 & Checkpoint 5: Kusatsu Onsen (Toji Plaza)

Checkpoint 6: Tsumagoi Panorama Line (Aisai-no-Oka hill)

* All routes are subject to change by the event organizer without notice due to traffic conditions, weather, etc. Follow the route instructions on the day of the ride.

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