The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

From the feeling towards the environment and the territory was born the desire to bring everyone together the activities that will characterize Eroica's attention to environmental issues and care of a wonderful territory that the whole world envies us.

As every year, Eroica commits to advancing projects dedicated to raising awareness among its participants regarding environmental protection and landscape preservation, including our hills and the routes we have been cycling since 1997. The Eroica for the Environment project (Eroica per l’Ambiente) stems from the desire to bring together all activities that reflect Eroica's attention to environmental issues and the care of a wonderful place envied by the whole world.

Eroica is rooted in the values inherent in the very meaning that the race offers to enthusiasts: an example of circular economy linked to the world of vintage bicycles, where everything, from bikes to clothing to spare parts, comes from reclaimed materials.

Moreover, through small actions involving the entire community of heroic cyclists and many of the partnerships Eroica establishes, sharing values and ethical sense, year after year, the sustainable aspect of an event that has become an example for regions where sports are seen not only as a great opportunity for economic and social revitalization but also as a significant value for the environment and its protection, takes shape.

Here are the activities and events present at NOVA Eroica Buonconvento 2024 that honor Eroica's commitment to a sustainable future:

  • Waste separation at all refreshment points with dedicated containers for plastic, paper, and mixed waste, along with ongoing dissemination of waste collection themes by type managed by Sei Toscana.
  • The "Adotta un chilometro" initiative, which, thanks to the partnership with Terrecablate, involves associations in the territory of all 17 municipalities touched by the permanent routes of L'Eroica and Eroica Montalcino, in the care and maintenance of the 288 kilometers of road.
  • The Bib numbers in recycled fabric made by Roy Roger's, a secondary raw material used for the participant numbers, printed with ecological ink, which for 2024 embraces the partnership of AVIS Toscana.
  • The significant milestone of being part of the UCI Climate Action Charter this year, bringing together cycling associations worldwide committed to addressing the challenge of reducing our sport's impact on the environment and recognizing the crucial steps we must take to achieve CO2 emissions reduction from our events by 2030 to build together a sustainable cycling future.
  • Born from the recent collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security and shared with the UCI Climate Action Charter as a virtuous action implemented during 2024, the Sustainable Cycling Manifesto will also be present at NOVA Eroica Buonconvento. This manifesto contains 10 small actions, 10 small steps aimed at guiding cyclists towards environmental awareness.

Further details defining the sustainability of Eroica Montalcino and meeting the Minimum Environmental Criteria of the event's sustainability requirements include:

  • The electrical supplies required by the event come from renewable and certified sources.
  • Our refreshments use local products, favoring the local supply chain.
  • In the race pack, made of durable and non-disposable materials, there are organic food and wine products, a reusable water bottle, and materials directly related to event enjoyment.