Der Zauber der Erschöpfung und die Lust am Wagnis

This year you have to create the L'Eroica festival, you who love and respect us and each other, you who can’t wait to get together again, you who believe in our steadfast intention to bring you to Gaiole in Chianti, even in these times.

We can’t promise the same opportunities as other years but we are working on it. The conditions are so difficult for an annual event that has always brought smiles and hugs, sharing and physical contact between people who are trustworthy above all. This next edition, that we are preparing for, will have obvious limits, distancing will be a must, we will have to avoid creating crowds and aim to spread events out as much as possible while still offering experiences and sensations, involving food, culture and music. Let us try to avoid clichés but we are sure that you Eroici will understand, you Eroici will respect each other, the very fact that you are there will make this a festival of special people. We are sure that your behavior will make Eroica proud to have given its all to make this year happen.

Giancarlo Brocci