The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

Eroica Cuba is not a competitive cycling event.

Eroica Cuba is not a competitive cycling event. The participation in Eroica Cuba is dedicated to cyclists with old fashion indumentary or historic inspiration on Eroica bikes or Vintage style, as described in Art. 4 of Eroica rules and in Eroica web site ( at INSPIRATION section.

ART. 1 – Date and Place

Race will be held on February 10th, 2024, with the starting line in Caimito - Habana, Cuba

Distance to cover:

• Long route: 140 km

• Medium route: 99.6 km

ART. 2 – Routes and Departure Time

Each participant is free to choose their favourite route, and must to indicate their choosing at the inscription moment. However, is possible to change this choosing before February 5th 2024, penalty free. The choosing can be limited or conditioned by the Organization for safety or technical reasons.

The routes will be signed; however, everyone must follow the "Road Book" and tracks for GPS can be consulted and downloaded at ( on the Routes page.

Departures will take place according to the next schedule:

Saturday, February 10th 2024. In Artemisa, Cuba.

• Long Route: free departure time from 7.00 hrs on.

• Medium Route: free departure time from 8.00 hrs on.

ART. 3 – Procedures and Inscription quotes.

Inscriptions can be obtained on line at (

Each participant must complete the registration process at "MY EROICA" System. Once is done, is needed to select user and password to get access to "MY EROICA" and fill up the inscription form.

Inscriptions will be opened from October 16th 2023 at 9.00 hrs (Roma time) up to the moment all available quotes be spent. According to the following procedures:

Standard Inscription: 50.00 Euros (available from October 16th to January 31st. 2024)

Inscription quote includes:

• Race Packet: with souvenirs related to the race.

• Technical Bag: with a back leash to be fastened to the sweater, Route book to stamp the control stamps, Eroica Map with route details such as provisioning spots and mechanical assistance. (Provisioning spots are different according to the route distance)

ART. 4 – Admission criteria: Bikes, Clothing and accessories

Eroica Cuba is an event dedicated to cyclists with old fashion racing bikes, clothing and accessories, or with historic inspiration.

4.1- Bikes: Are just admitted old fashion bikes, well known as Eroica bikes (like described at 4.1.A article), or historic inspiration like Vintage style even of recent construction (like described at 4.1.B). Any other bike with different characteristics to those described in this regulation document won’t be admitted.

4.1.A: Eroica bikes or old fashion bikes it’s related to all those road race bikes with folding handlebar built up to 1987, can have changes or not. Also, those built by the end of XIX century or the beginning of the XX. Eroica bikes usually have steel frame but the aluminium frames are admitted as well, like those with bolted or sticked joint. The components must follow these instructions:

a) Bikes with changes mut have the gear levers located at the lower tube of the frame and are exceptionally admitted at the handlebar in those bikes prior to 1980.

b) Pedals can be equipped with clips and leashes, and in the case of the oldest bikes, pedals must be like originally were conceived. Quick release pedals are not admitted.

c) The brake cables must be disposed external to the handlebar and is also allowed the disposition trough the interior of the tube of the frame.

d) The oldest bikes equipped with changes must keep the original changes.

e) The wheels must be equipped with low profile tires (lower than 20 mm and at least 32 spokes). Tires made of aluminium, wood or steel are allowed.

f) Are admitted tubular and covered.

g) Its recommended, not mandatory that saddles and bikes to be from same time. It means in bikes from 1987 or priors can be used modern saddles if are replicas of ancient models. Carbon fibre saddles are not allowed.

h) Free wheel adjustment or pinions are allowed.

i) There are not restrictions related to number of brakes as long as are respecting the period of construction of the bike and be functionals for safety reasons.

Obviously, bikes from beginning of XX century with no changes don’t need to compliment the previous mentioned requirement as long as they’re equipped with original components.

Bikes made with mixed materials, even if they’re from prior to 1987, are not considered secure and are not allowed.

4.1.B: Replicas of old fashion bikes, meaning, recent made bikes with vintage style. These bikes with frames made of steel with characteristics very similar to Eroica’s bikes can also be used for the race only if they have components similar to the original ones, like has been described previously.

Bikes inspired in 70’s and 80’s described at point 6.1.A must to compliment characteristics described in a), b) and c) chapters, related to the gear levers location, clips and leashes for pedals and brake cables disposition.

4.1.C: Exceptions and Exclusions.

Pleasing to all interested people, exceptions will be granted about kind of bikes for those participants with sensorial or moving disability.

Just for short route, will be allowed the participation with other kind of bikes only if are old fashion bikes, such as Postman bikes for instances.

Are excluded all kind of mountain bikes for any kind of routs.

If any participant is surprised on the route or starting line using a bike which characteristics break the rules will be disqualified.

4.2 – Outfit

All participants must wear old fashion clothes or vintage style, such as sweaters and short pants, originals or reproductions. Clothes made with modern technical materials must be avoided.

4.3 – Accessories

According to the spirit of the event, all participants must be careful on the selection of the accessories, shoes, hats, water bottles, etc.

Safety approved helmet is the only modern accessory allowed, and is in fact recommended.

ART. 5 – Circulation Code

Following the circulation code is compulsory for all participants.

Is recommended to bring a reparation kit in case of failure.

ART. 6 – Inscription Validity

Inscription will be considered valid just after fulfilling the electronic inscription procedure and payment.

Eroica Organization reserves the right to refuse admission of any candidate.

ART. 7 - Provisioning

There’ll be five provisioning spots for long route and four for short route. All provisioning spots will be free.

ART. 8 – Control Stamps

Control stamps are the only valid evidence of finished route, it’ll be placed in the Route Book at starting line, trough the full route and at finishing line.

Opening and Closure Controls:

• Opening: 7:00 hrs

• Closure: 18:00 hrs

ART. 9 – Information

Eroica Cuba event will be organized by Daiquiri Italia SRL, 110 Ghibellina st, Florence (FI)

To receive any information:

Phone number: +39 333 226 5853

e-mail: [email protected]

ART. 10 – Event cancellation or date change

If for reason of force majeure, Eroica Cuba event was not celebrated, will not be reimbursed the inscription import, just will be saved to be used in the next edition, and The Organization will charge a tax of 15 EUR as cost of operation. The appliance and payment of previous explained tax must be done before the indicated date given by The Organization after the cancelation.

Also, in case of reason of force majeure or other serious reasons that may endanger the preparation of the event or the participation in the race of at least half of number of signed up participants, The Organization reserves the right to change race place or date within same civil year. In this case the inscription quote paid will be valid for the new schedule date with no extra charge for signed up participants, and there won’t be chance to change the inscription to the next edition.

ARTÍCULO 11 – Modifications

The Organization reserves the right to modify the rules at any time. The web site is the only official organ for information about the event this is why all official communications will be published through it.

ART. 12 - Approval, Consent, Authorization, Etc.

With the application to participate in Eroica Cuba at any modality mentioned at this regulation, each participant since the inscription moment:

• Declares to have red and approved the current regulation and accepts every detail here explained.

• Commits to be responsible for his/her behavior during and after the event

• Declares to be in good physical condition.

• Grants the organizers the broadest consent to use, in the manner permitted by law, including for profit, any of its video or photographic images taken during the days of the event, granting the organization the right to transfer such images to third parties.

• You grant the organizers the broadest consent to use, in the manner permitted by law, including for profit, any of your video or photographic images taken during the days of the event, granting the organization the right to transfer such images to third parties. The aforementioned authorization to use its image shall be understood as granted for an indefinite period of time and without territorial limits worldwide, for use in various publications and filming, including, but not limited to, promotional and/or advertising materials produced in all media. The organization may also assign the rights of use provided for in this agreement to third parties and to its institutional and commercial partners.

The organization declines all responsibility for accidents or damage to persons or property that may occur before, during and after the event or as a consequence of it.

ARTICLE 13 – Processing and recording of personal data

The processing and recording of personal data will be carried out by the following two companies:


Via Casabianca 25

53013 Gaiole in Chianti, Siena, Italy

P.IVA 01357870524


Via Ghibellina 110

50122 Florence, Florence, Italy

P.IVA 6681010481

The personal data of all participants will be processed and recorded in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act no. 196 of 30/06/2003 and the European Union Privacy Regulation 2017/679 (GDPR/18).