The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

L’Eroica is a non-competitive historical cycling event (also defined as event or incorrectly competition or race). This is a commemorative historical race that passes along various white roads, i.e. non-asphalt roads.

Participation in L’Eroica is dedicated to cyclists wearing vintage or historically inspired cycling gear, on historical or vintage-style bikes, as described in Art. 5 of these rules and on the and websites in the INSPIRATION section.



The event will take place on SUNDAY 6 OCTOBER 2019 in GAIOLE IN CHIANTI, Siena, Italy.



L’Eroica offers 5 different routes: 

• LONG 209 km, a medical certificate for the practice of competitive cycling is required;

• MEDIUM CRETE SENESI 135 km, a medical certificate for the practice of competitive cycling is required;

• HUNDRED 106 km, è necessario il certificato medico agonistico per ciclismo

• SHORT 81 km, a medical certificate for the practice of competitive cycling is required;

• MINI-CHIANTI 46 km, a medical certificate for the practice of NON-competitive cycling is sufficient.


Each participant may choose the route that is most suited to him/her and the choice must be indicated when registering. However, it is possible to modify your choice up until the start of the race, without any penalty, as long as you choose a route requiring the same type of medical certificate; i.e. it is possible to change between the Long, Medium, “Hundred”and Short routes (medical certificate for the practice of competitive cycling). It will not be possible to change if you choose the the Mini-Chianti route (medical certificate for the practice of NON-competitive cycling). This faculty may be limited or modified by the Organisation for technical and/or safety reasons. 


As well as providing a medical certificate and club membership, minors aged 16 to 18, may participate only if authorized by a parent or legal guardian. The authorization form can be found at the following link


Those who are over-64 (sixty-four) and who still have a medical certificate to practice competitive cycling may participate in the 46 km, 78 km and 130 km routes.


Routes will be signposted but each rider is expected to use the "Road Book" and "Eroica map". The maps and GPS routes may be consulted and downloaded from the Routes page on the website. 


Starting times will be as follows:

• 209 and 130 km routes: 05:00 – 07:00; 

• 106 km route: 7.00– 07.30;

• 78 and 46 km routes: 08:00 – 09:30.


Those starting before 06:30 must have front and rear lights fitted on their bicycles, according to the Italian Rules of the Road (Codice della Strada).



L’Eroica is open to anybody of either sex who is over 16 years of age.

In 2019, according to Italian law, all cyclists must be members of a recognised club, following these procedures:

• To participate in L’Eroica, ITALIAN cyclists who do not have a 2019 club membership issued by the Italian Cycling Federation (F.C.I.) or other Promotional Bodies (A.C.S.I., U.I.S.P., C.S.A.IN, CSI), must obtain “A.C.S.I. membership” (cost €10.00) which includes daily insurance cover for the events organised in Italy by Eroica Italia S.S.D. a r.l.; 

• To participate in L’Eroica, all FOREIGN cyclists must obtain “A.C.S.I. membership” (cost €10.00) which includes daily insurance cover for the events organised in Italy by Eroica Italia S.S.D. a r.l.


Said membership will be valid from the date of payment of the registration fee for the first event and will end on 31 December 2019. The daily insurance policy can be downloaded from the following link


In order to activate the daily insurance cover and participate in L’Eroica, it is OBLIGATORY to send the following VALID MEDICAL CERTIFICATE to the organisers:

• MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for COMPETITIVE CYCLING for those participating in the 209 km, 135 km and 81 km routes;

• MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for NON-COMPETITIVE CYCLING for those participating in the 46 km route.


The medical certificate must be valid on the date of the event (it must therefore have been issued after 7 October 2018) and must be uploaded, by 10 September 2019, to your “MY EROICA” page, to which you will gain access when registering. If these conditions are not met, the cyclist will not be considered registered and will also lose the right to be reimbursed. 


Each participant must declare, in accordance with Italian law no. 445 dated 28 December 2000, that the documents uploaded in the “MY EROICA” system correspond to the originals in his/her possession.


The Organization reserves the incontestable right to accept or refuse registration or to exclude an entrant from the event, should his/her participation damage the event’s image.



It is possible to register directly online at with payment by credit card. Other forms of payment will not be accepted.


Each participant must register using the “MY EROICA” system. Once registered, each user must choose a username and password, which will be needed to access “MY EROICA” and to register. 


Registration will open on Tuesday 29 January 2019 at 15:00 (Rome time) and will remain open until the 7,000 available numbers have been allocated. Numbers will be assigned by the organisation as follows:


• 600 numbers reserved for CICLO CLUB EROICA Members at a cost of €48.00 (until 31 August 2019); 

• 500 numbers reserved for TOUR OPERATORS at a cost of €75.00 (until 31 May 2019); 

• 2,000 ADVANCE numbers at €75.00 (29 and 30 January 2019 until sold out);

• 2,000 CLASSIC numbers at €75.00 (from 1 February 2019 at 8:00 Rome time until sold out);

• 1,000 CHARITY numbers at €100.00 (from 11 February 2019 at 15:00 Rome time until sold out);

• 200 SUPER CHARITY numbers at €150.00 (from 1 June 2019);

• COMBINED “B” registration (Eroica Montalcino + L’Eroica Gaiole in Chianti) at €110.00. Limited to the first 200 entrants;

• COMBINED “C” registration (NOVA Eroica + L’Eroica Gaiole in Chianti) €90.00. Limited to the first 200 entrants;

• COMBINED “TRIPLE” registration (Eroica Montalcino + NOVA Eroica + L’Eroica Gaiole In Chianti) €130.00. Limited to the first 300 entrants.


Only authorized TOUR OPERATORs may pay by bank transfer.


The Organisation invites users to access the “MY EROICA” system before 29 January 2019 in order to facilitate the registration process.


The Organisation reminds participants that EROICA TRAVEL provides PACKAGES that include registration for L’Eroica, accommodation (for 2 or more nights), logistical support and cultural and food and wine offers for non-cyclists.


The registration fee, irrespective of the amount paid, includes:

• RACE PACK with event gifts and souvenirs;

• RACE NUMBER to be attached to your jersey and bicycle;

• ROAD BOOK which will be stamped at the checkpoints;

• EROICA MAP with details of the routes, food stops, checkpoints and mechanical assistance points;

• FOOD STOPS in varying numbers according to the length of the route chosen;

• PRIZE at the finish line;

• PASTA PARTY at the end of the event;

• SHOWERS at the finish line.



L’Eroica is an event for road-racing bicycles and is dedicated to cyclists wearing vintage or historically inspired clothing, riding “HISTORICAL BIKES”/VINTAGE or VINTAGE-STYLE MODERN BIKES. Lycra clothing may not be worn.


5.1 - Bicycles

At L’Eroica, only the following kinds of bikes are admitted:

- vintage road-racing bikes, or so-called BICI EROICHE, as described in paragraph 5.1.a;

- historically inspired or VINTAGE-STYLE BIKES, including recently built bikes, as described in the below paragraph 5.1.b.;

Only those described in paragraphs 5.1.a / 5.1.b will be admitted. 


5.1.a – Bici Eroiche or vintage bikes

BICI EROICHE are all road-racing bikes built up to and including 1987, both with and without gears, such as those built in the late 19th or early 20th centuries. These bicycles most likely have a steel frame or an Alan type alluminium frame.


Regarding components, bicycles should adhere to the following general guidelines:

1. More recent bikes with gears and derailleurs must have shift levers on the down tube of the frame; exceptions include pre-1980 non indexed bar-end gear shifters;

2. Pedals must have toe clips and straps or original pedals for older bikes; quick release, clip-less pedals are not allowed;

3. Brake cables must pass outside and over the handlebars (cables can pass inside the frame);

4. Wheels must have at least 32 spokes laced to a low profile rim (20 mm depth or less); rims must be of either steel, aluminium or wood;

5. Both tubular tyres and clinchers with inner tubes are allowed;

6. We invite participants to fit saddles from the same period as the bicycles, so a model of 1987 or earlier; alternatively we suggest fitting a vintage model of modern production;

7. Change of the gear ratios is allowed due to the difficulty of the ride.

Early 20th century bicycles without gears do not need to comply with the above criteria as long as they have their original components.

5.1.b – Vintage-style or modern built bicycle

Vintage-style, steel framed bikes of new or recent construction with vintage look and characteristics may be used only if they are road-racing bikes assembled using vintage components or replicated parts similar to the originals, as described above.


5.1.c - Waivers and exemptions

On request, exceptions regarding the type of bicycle may be granted to participants with disabilities.

For the 46 km route, other types of vintage bicycles will be admitted, such as postman’s bikes, general working bicycles, leisure bicycles, etc.

Mountain bikes are excluded from all routes.

Any registered cyclist who arrives at the starting line or is found on the route with a bicycle that does not conform to the rules and regulations of the event will be disqualified.


5.2 – Clothing

Participants are strongly encouraged to wear vintage or vintage-style cycling gear, such as wool jerseys and shorts and to avoid wearing modern technical gear in a visible way. The management reserves the right to disqualify any participant whose behaviour is considered inappropriate. Should photographic or video evidence of irregular behaviour come available after the event, the Organisation reserves the right to exclude those responsible from the event.


5.3 - Accessories

With regard to the vintage spirit of the event, participants are invited to carefully select all their accessories, from shoes to caps and water bottles etc. The only modern cycling accessory allowed is a safety-cycling helmet, which we invite everybody to use.



L’Eroica is a LEISURE RIDE on asphalt and white roads; the whole route will be open to traffic for the entire duration of the event, and it is therefore obligatory that all participants respect the Rules of the Road. It is also mandatory to have a repair kit for punctures and breakdowns.



Registration can be considered valid only when the electronic registration procedure has been completed, the corresponding fee has been credited to the Organisation, the medical certificate or documentation relating to membership of a recognised sport’s club has been received and all of the above has been confirmed by the Organisation.



It is possible to request the substitution of a participant by 10 September 2019, if registration is in order. An administration fee of €10.00 will be charged for this service. 

If a registered cyclist is unable to participate in L’Eroica, the registration fee will not be reimbursed and the race pack will not be sent.

It is possible to cancel your registration by contacting by 10 September 2019.

The organisation reserves the incontestable right to judge whether cancellations are the result of “an objective impossibility to participate because of injury”, as documented by a medical report. In cases recognised by the organisation, the registration fee will be considered valid for the 2020 edition.

Any registration considered valid for the following year is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to a third party. It will only be valid for the year following the year of cancellation. Should the cyclist fail to participate again, the registration fee will be forfeited.



In Gaiole in Chianti, RACE PACKS and NUMBERS will be distributed before the event, at the following times:

‐ Friday 4 October 2019, from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15.00 to 19.00

‐ Saturday 5 October 2019, from 09:00 to 19:00;

‐ Sunday 6 October 2019, from 04:30 to 09:00.


In order to pick up your RACE PACK and NUMBER, it is mandatory to present:

• A printout of your “MY EROICA” page;

• Membership card for a competitive sport’s club or a medical certificate, according to art. 3 of the current regulations;

• A valid form of I.D.


It will be possible to delegate a friend or trusted person to collect the “RACE PACK” by providing the following:

• An original printout of the “MY EROICA” page, with the PROXY section filled out and signed;

• Copy of the I.D. of the delegating party;

• Copy of the competitive sport’s club membership card or original medical certificate of the delegating party, according to art. 3 of the current regulations;

• Valid I.D. of the delegated party.



The time limit within which the routes must be completed has been set at 21:30.

At Il Molino (Buonconvento), from 12:00, cyclists will be redirected to the 130 km route.

In San Piero in Barca, from 18:00, cyclists will be redirected towards Brolio and Gaiole in Chianti along the asphalt road.


No type of medical assistance will be provided, apart from S.O.S. for medical emergencies; call the emergency number +39 339/1129980. 


Mechanical assistance will be provided for a fee at official food stops. Assistance by private vehicles following the event is not permitted.



Two types of food stops will be provided along the routes:

• OFFICIAL EROICA FOOD STOP (indicated by ‘R’ on the EROICA MAP), providing water, wine and sweet and savoury food in authentic Eroica style;

• GREETING STOP (organised by local communities to demonstrate their friendship with Eroica. These are indicated by ‘S’ on the Eroica map), offering less than the official food stops and more commonly providing water and some type of sweet or savoury food.

Please note that all types of food stops (both official and greeting) are always free of charge.


Opening and closing of food stops, checkpoints and mechanical assistance points:

• GAIOLE IN CHIANTI – STARTING LINE CHECKPOINT – open from 05:00 to 09:30;

• DIEVOLE – km 31.3 – FOOD STOP, CHECKPOINT and TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – open from 09:00 to 17:30;

• RADI – km 48.6 – FOOD STOP and TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – open from 06:45 to 13:00;

• MURLO – km 56.4 – CHECKPOINT – open from 07:00 to 11:30;

• MONTERONI D'ARBIA - km 53,7 – CHECKPOINT – open from ore 9:20 to 13:30; 

• IL MOLINO (BUONCONVENTO) – REROUTING of 209 km – access to long route closes at 12:00;

• MONTALCINO – km 87.6 – FOOD STOP, CHECKPOINT and TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – open from 08:15 to 13:15;

• LUCIGNANO D’ASSO – km 12.1 – CHECKPOINT – open from 09:15 to 15:00;

• BUONCONVENTO – km 68 and km 125.5 – FOOD STOP, CHECKPOINT and TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – open from 07:30 to 16:00;

• ASCIANO - km 89 and km 146.2 – FOOD STOP, CHECKPOINT and TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – open from 08:30 to 17:30;

• CASTELNUOVO BERARDENGA – km 108.2 and km 165.1 - FOOD STOP, CHECKPOINT and TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – open from 09:15 to 19:00;

• SAN PIERO IN BARC – REROUTING of 209 km – access to long route closes at 18:00;

• RADDA IN CHIANTI – km 42.1 – FOOD STOP, CHECKPOINT and TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – open from 09:30 to 14:00;

• RADDA IN CHIANTI – km 200 – CHECKPOINT – open from 13:00 to 20:45;

• LAMOLE (VOLPAIA) – km 58.9 – FOOD STOP, CHECKPOINT and TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – open from 10:30 to 15:45;

• MADONNA A BROLIO – km 120 – CHECKPOINT – open from 09:45 to 20:00;

• GAIOLE IN CHIANTI – FINISH LINE CHECKPOINT – open from 09.45 to 21:30. 


Details relating to food stops will be published on the website. Other random checks may be carried out.



Checkpoint stamps are the only proof of the route undertaken. The Road Book will be stamped at the start, along the route and at the finish line. There is just one Road Book for all routes.



Participants who complete L’Eroica will receive a prize at the finish. 

In order to collect the prize, the participant must come in person to the area around the finish line with his/her bicycle and stamped road book. 



Any complaints must be sent to the Organisation by email - - within 10 days of the publication of the list of finishers.



Participants who have been disqualified by their federations of clubs for doping or other offences will not be permitted to register for L’Eroica. 


Disqualification lasting 2 years will apply in the following cases:

• Unauthorised deviations from the route;

• Abusive or offensive behaviour towards members of the Organisation;

• Lack of respect for the environment, such as littering in non-designated areas, outside food stops and checkpoints.

In serious cases, such as participating with another rider’s RACE NUMBER and unauthorised transfer of one’s registration, disqualification may be for life, subject to the incontestable judgement of the Organisation.


We appeal to the civic duty of all participants to keep the routes and locality clean and litter-free.



The event is organised by Eroica Italia SSD, Via Giacomo Matteotti, 13 - 53024 Montalcino (Siena), under the aegis of A.C.S.I. (Association of Italian Sport’s Centres), a sport’s promotion body recognised by CONI (the Italian National Olympic Committee).

Information: –

In Italian: Franco Gatterelli +39 334.9380512 and Franco Rossi +39 3357410551



If, for reasons of force majeure, the event does not take place, the registration fee will not be reimbursed but will be considered valid for the following edition.



The Organisation reserves the right to make changes to the regulations at any time. The website is the only official source of information regarding the event. Therefore, all official communications will be made exclusively through this website.



When requesting to participate in Eroica Montalcino by any of the methods provided for by the current regulations, each participant, from the moment of registration:

• declares that he/she has read and accepted the current Regulations in every part;

• guarantees his/her own behaviour during and after the event;

• declares that he/she is in good physical health and that he/she has provided the Organisation with a valid medical certificate, having undergone a medical examination for the practice of competitive or leisure cycling, thus giving the Organisation the utmost leverage in the event of any damages resulting from his/her participation in the event;

• expresses consent to the use of his/her personal information, including for commercial use, as provided for under Italian privacy law no. 196 dated 30/06/2003, and European Union Regulation 2017/679 (GDPR/18);

• gives the Organisation the most ample consent to use, according to the law, including for profit, any video or photographic images taken during the days of the event, giving the Organisation the right to transfer such images to third parties.


Said authorisation, regarding the use of one’s own image, is to be considered permanent and without any territorial limits anywhere in the world. Images may be used in various publications and filmed material, including but not limited to promotional and/or advertising material produced on any medium. The Organisation may, furthermore, transfer to third parties and to its own institutional and commercial partners, the usage rights covered by this agreement.

The Organisation declines any responsibility, either direct or on the part of its collaborators, for any accident or damage to people or property, that may arise before, during and after the event or as a result of the same. 



The processing and registration of personal information will be carried out by the following two companies:



Via G. Matteotti 13

53024 Montalcino, Siena, Italia

P.IVA 01433070529



Via Casabianca 25

53013 Gaiole in Chianti, Siena, Italy

P.IVA 01357870524


The personal information of all participants will be processed and registered according to the terms of Italian privacy law no. 196 dated 30/06/2003 and European Union Regulation 2017/679 (GDPR/18).