The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

We like to think that the bicycle was invented so that we could enjoy the beauty that surrounds us more fully.

This idea culminates in Montalcino, in the extraordinary territory of the Val d’Orcia, where the landscape, nature, colours and man’s toil unite to bring us uniquely intense emotions. When the bike meets these emotions, a miracle happens that is magnified by the slow passage of time and the effort of pedalling. Time and effort, the same elements that have shaped this territory, which is unique in the world. 

Eroica Montalcino promises all of this: a great Festival of colour, fatigue, dust and beauty, on your bike, immersed in the charm of Tuscany and its territory.

The centre of Montalcino will become the stage of the Festival, illuminated by lanterns made from the old jerseys of the cyclists of yore, assaulted by music, dance, costumes and bikes from when cycling was a heroic, people’s sport. 

The actors on the stage are the very riders who, with their bikes and enthusiasm, will renew the L’Eroica magic, riding along the winding roads between rows of prestigious vines, rapt ...”by the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest”!