The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest

All participants are expected to read the following rules and regulations carefully before registering for NOVA Eroica.


NOVA Eroica will take place on Sunday 1 May 2022 in Musile, Sussegana (Treviso, Italy). Nova Eroica is an international amateur cycling race that takes place mainly on white roads.

The Event offers two competitive routes combining special timed sections with relaxed pace transfer sections, as well as a leisure ride.

NOVA Eroica will host the ACSI Gravel National Championships, as described in Art. 13.???

In the current rules & regulations, NOVA Eroica will be referred to as Event or Race.


Nova Eroica is a cycling race for ROAD RACING, CYCLOCROSS and GRAVEL BICYCLES with carbon, steel, titanium or aluminium frames. Road-racing bicycles must be drop bar. Gravel bikes, to be considered such, must have minimum 32 mm tyres and disk brakes on front and back wheels.

2.1 Definition of Gravel bicycle

The gravel bike frame derives from the frame of a cyclo-cross bicycle and has been clearly defined by the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI). The following are the differences between a cyclo-cross and a gravel bike:

• Bottom bracket shell height 27.5/28 mm

• Head tube 1.5-3 cm higher than usual

• Head tube angle over 70°

• Rear stays and front fork clearance wide enough to accommodate up to 50mm tyres (average wheel size 700x35/40 or 560bx40)

• 140/160mm disc brakes

• Internal cable routing

• Steel/carbon and in some cases alluminium frames are acceptable

• Groupset 1x or 2x (such as Ekar Campagnolo or GRX Shimano or Force Sram)

• Curved handlebars


NOVA Eroica Procecco Hills offers three different routes:

• Long “Via della Vigne Eroiche”: 109 km: competitive, a medical certificate for competitive cycling is necessary;

• Medium “Via dei Laghi”: 93 km: competitive, a medical certificate for competitive cycling is necessary;

• Short “Via dei Castelli”: 53 km: leisure, a medical certificate for non-competitive cycling is sufficient.

The competitive races are divided between relaxed-pace and timed segments. The leisure event is at one’s own pace, as described in Art. 10.

Each participant may choose the route that is most suited to him/her and the choice must be indicated when registering. It is possible to change the route chosen, without any penalty, up until the start of the race, as long as changes are between routes that require the same type of medical certificate: i.e. it is possible to change between the Long 109 km and the Medium 93 km routes (medical certificate for the practice of competitive cycling).

This possibility may be curtailed or limited by the Organization for technical and/or safety reasons.

Routes will be signposted but each rider is expected to use the “Eroica map. GPS routes and timetables can be downloaded from the routes page of the website:

The Organization will guarantee the presence of a vehicle to follow the race from start to finish.

Starting times are as follows:

• Long “Via delle Vigne Eroiche“ 109 km, 08:00

• Medium “Via dei Laghi” 93 km, 08.00

• Short “Via dei Castelli” 53 km, 08.00


Riders will be divided into 3 starting grids:

• GROUP “A” Ciclo Club Eroica


• GROUP “B” Individual Gravel bicycles

• GROUP “C” Individual road-racing and cyclo-cross bicycles


NOVA Eroica is open to anybody of either sex who is over 16 years of age.

Both teams and individuals may participate but the NOVA Eroica philosophy privileges team spirit.

In accordance with Italian law, all cyclists must be members of a sport’s club that is recognised by CONI (Italian National Olympics Committee).

Italian Cyclists with club membership

Italian cyclists with private cycling club membership must have membership both at the time of registering and on the day of the Event. Membership of the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI) and of the four bodies affiliated with the FCI (ACSI, UISP, CSAIN, CSI) is valid. FCI affiliated Bike Cards will be accepted but free ACSI membership will be activated for these participants for the day of the Event.

Italian Cyclists without club membership

Italian cyclists who are not members of a private sport’s club may register by paying €10.00 for “ACSI membership” which includes daily insurance cover for the events organised in Italy by Eroica Italia S.S.D. a r.l. (as per the FCI, foreign cyclist must have the authorization of their own Federation or they may activate the daily membership by producing a certificate that adheres to Italian law).

Foreign cyclists

All FOREIGN cyclists may register by paying €10 for “ACSI membership” which includes daily insurance cover for the events organized in Italy by Eroica Italia S.S.D. a r.l.

The ACSI membership card includes a daily insurance policy and can be downloaded from the ACSI website at the following link

The Organisation reserves the incontestable right to accept or refuse registration or to exclude an entrant from the event, should his/her participation damage the image of the event.

Professional, Elite (men and women) and U23 cyclists may participate upon invitation by the organizers but they will not be included in the ranking.

Minors, aged 16 and 17, as well as providing a medical certificate and club membership, may participate only if authorized by a parent or legal guardian. The authorization form can be found at the following link.

Those who are over 64 (sixty-four), who still have a medical certificate to practice competitive cycling, may only participate in the medium 93 km and short 53 km routes.


All participants, including those who are members of a sport’s club (as per Art. 5) are OBLIGED to present to the organisers one of the following types of MEDICAL CERTIFICATE that is valid for the route chosen:

• MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for COMPETITIVE CYCLING for those participating on the LONG “Via delle Vigne Eroiche” and MEDIUM “Via dei Laghi” routes;

• MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for NON-COMPETITIVE CYCLING for those participating in the SHORT “Via dei Castelli” event.

N.B. The medical certificate must be uploaded to the “MyEroica” platform, in the “My documents” section, 30 days before the event. The certificate will be checked and validated online within 15 days of being uploaded. If the medical certificate is not compliant, it will be refused and cancelled and the entrant will have to upload a new compliant one.

The medical certificate must be specifically for CYCLING. Certificates issued for other disciplines, such as triathlons, athletics, etc will not be accepted. If these conditions are not met, the cyclist will not be considered registered and will not be entitled to a refund.

Each participant must declare, in accordance with D.P.R. n. 445 of 28 December 2000, that the documents uploaded to the MyEroica system correspond to the originals in his/her possession.

Italian cyclists who have membership of FCI, ACSI, UISP, CSAIN, CSI or have a Bike Card are also obliged to upload the medical certificate onto the MyEroica platform.


It is possible to register directly on the MyEroica platform:

Each participant must register using his/her own email address and choosing a password. The email address will become your user ID, therefore the same email address cannot be used by two or more people.

Only individual registrations are possible. Sport’s groups wishing to register a team using a single MyEroica account must contact the Organisers.

Registration will open at 09:00 hrs on 18 December 2021 (CET, Rome) with the following fees and closing dates for single registrations (i.e. registration for the NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills event only):

• CICLO CLUB EROICA members may register at €45.00 (up to 30 days before the event);

• STANDARD registration, open to all at €60.00 (from 18 December 2021 to 27 February 2022);

• PREMIUM registration, open to all at €70.00 (from 28 February – 27 April 2022);

• LAST MINUTE registration, open to all at €80.00 (28 April to 1 May 2022, in person at the registration desk, according to places available);

Your registration, irrespective of the established fee, includes:

• RACE PACK with event gifts and souvenirs;

• RACE NUMBER to be attached to your jersey and bicycle;

• FOOD STOPS in varying numbers according to the length of the route chosen;

• PRIZE at the finish line;

• PASTA PARTY at the end of the event.


RACE PACKS, ENVELOPES and NUMBERS will be distributed at the established points at the following times:

• Friday 29 April 2022, from 14:00 to 19:00;

• Saturday 30 April 2022, from 10:00 to 19:00;

• Sunday 1 May 2022, from 06:00 to 08:00.

In order to pick up your RACE PACK and NUMBER, it is mandatory to present:

• A printout of your “MY EROICA” page, showing your completed registration;

• A valid form of I.D.

• Membership card for a competitive sport’s club, according to Art. 5 of the current regulations.

Non-club members who have opted to purchase the ACSI membership at a cost of €10 when registering are not obliged to present a membership card.

Collection of the “RACE PACK and NUMBER” may be delegated to a friend or a person acting on your behalf. They must present an original printout of your MY EROICA page, with the proxy section filled out and signed, as well as the copy of a valid form of I.D. and a copy of the competitive sport’s card of the delegating party.

The RACE PACK and NUMBER for groups may be collected by providing a cumulative list with the details of each individual participant.


It is possible to request the substitution of a participant up to 21 days before the event, if registration is finalized with forms compiled and the registration fee paid in full. In order to complete the substitution, the new participant must register on “MY EROICA” and upload the requested documents (valid medical certificate and sport’s club membership). An administration fee of €15.00 will be charged for this service.  

If a registered cyclist is unable to participate in the event, the registration fee will not be reimbursed and the race pack will not be sent. 

Up to 30 days before the event, the registered cyclist will have the right to cancel his/her participation by sending an email to [email protected] The Organisation reserves the right to judge whether the requests received are prompted by an “objective impossibility to participate due to injury”, as documented by medical records, which will be handled in compliance with current privacy laws.

For cases accepted by the Organisation, the registration fee will be considered valid for the same event on the following year, upon payment of an administration fee of €15.

Any registration considered valid for the following year is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to a third party. Should the cyclist fail to participate again, the registration fee will be forfeited.


Timetables for all routes will be published online at and made official at least 7 days before the event.

At the start and finish of each special TIME trial, the times of each athlete will be recorded by CHIP. Those who miss even a single special TIME trial will not be included in the final ranking. Referring to the UCI and FCI regulations, paragraphs 1.3.010 and 12.1.013b regarding technological fraud, the race jury, with the technical support of the organisers, is authorized to carry out systematic or spot checks.

Non-conformity or refusal to submit oneself to the technical checks requested, will lead to immediate disqualification and offenders will be reported to the competent authorities.

The time trials will be carried out for the long “Via delle Vigne Eroiche” and medium “Via dei Laghi” routes, according to procedures that will be communicated before the Event.


A team may be defined as such if composed of at least 4 cyclists who are members of the same sport’s club. Teams may be composed of men only, women only or may be mixed.

Teams with most cyclists finishing their respective routes within the time limit indicated on the timetable (Art. 10) will be awarded prizes. In the case of the same number of cyclists finishing, the sum of the best times will be considered.

Team ranking:

1st Team: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize

2nd Team: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize

3rd Team: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize

In the case of a draw between two or more teams, the overall ranking of the individual participants will be considered.

The prize-giving ceremony will take place at the end of the Race, as per the programme of the event, which will be available on the website The ranking will also be published on


The ranking will be decided based on the sum of individual times on the timed sections.

Medium “Via dei Laghi” and Long “Via delle Vigne Eroiche” routes:

1st overall: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize

2nd overall: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize

3rd overall: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize


1st Woman: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize

2nd Woman: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize

3rd Woman: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize


1st Disabled rider: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize

2nd Disabled rider: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize

3rd Disabled rider: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize


1st by category: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize

2nd by category: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize

3rd by category: NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills 2022 Prize

Categories recognized by A.C.S.I

• Elite sport: 19/29 years

• Master 1: 30/39 years

• Master 2: 40/49 years

• Master 3: 50/64 years

• Master 4: over 64 years, medium “Via dei Laghi” route only

The official prize-giving ceremony will take place at the end of the race, at 17:30, in the Bike Village.

Uncollected prizes will not be presented to third parties nor will they be sent to the winners.

The Organisation reserves the right to modify the categories according to any new indications or needs.

All participants who finish NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills will receive a celebratory medal of the event at the finish line.


At the end of the Medium “Via dei Laghi” and Long “Via delle Vigne Eroiche” routes, the ranking of the special timed sections for individuals and teams will be calculated and published.


Medical assistance includes the presence of ambulances with doctors and paramedics.


Any type of assistance by private vehicles following the race is strictly forbidden. The Organisation guarantees mechanical assistance at each food stop. The Organisation will provide mechanical assistance during the race but cannot guarantee complete cover for all athletes; it is therefore recommended that you carry a repair kit for punctures and breakdowns.


Any complaints must be sent exclusively by email to the Organisation at [email protected] within 10 days of publication of the list of finishers.

For information in Italian and English: call Maratona di Treviso scrl +39 0438 19 18 104


If, for reasons of force majeure, the event does not take place, the amount paid will not be reimbursed but the registration fee will be considered valid for the following edition.  The Organisation will charge an administration fee of €15.00 to postpone registration to the following year. The request to postpone registration to the following year must reach the organisers, together with payment of the administration fee, by the date indicated upon cancellation of the event.

Furthermore, should the organisation of the event or participation of over half of those registered be put at risk due to force majeure or other serious causes, the Organisation reserves the right to move the place and/or date of the event within the same calendar year. In this case, the registration fee will be considered valid for the event on the new date, with no additional costs. It will, however, not be possible to move your registration to the following year.


The Organisation reserves the right to make changes to the regulations at any time. The official website of the event, where these rules & regulations are published, is the only source of information regarding the event.


Cyclists are obliged to fix the race number provided by the Organisation to the back of the saddle and to their jerseys in a visible way. These numbers may not be modified or altered in any way.

It is obligatory to use an approved rigid helmet and keep it fastened for the duration of the race. Riders are obliged to respect the rules of the road during the entire event including during the timed sections.


Disqualification lasting 2 years will apply in the following cases:

• Unauthorised deviations from the route;

• Abusive or offensive behaviour towards members of the organisation;

• Lack of respect for the environment, such as littering in non-designated areas, outside food stops and checkpoints.

We appeal to the civic duty of all participants to keep the routes and locality clean and litter-free.

In serious cases, such as participating with another rider’s RACE NUMBER and unauthorised transfer of one’s registration, disqualification may be for life, subject to the incontestable judgement of the organisers.

If any rider is disqualified during the course of the year, this may lead to exclusion from the starting list at any moment and at the Organisation’s incontestable judgement.

The use of bicycles equipped with any kind of motor or mechanical assistance, is strictly forbidden, at risk of disqualification or exclusion.


For any issues that are not covered by the current regulations, the organisers will apply the current ACSI rules for amateur and cycling events.


When requesting to participate in NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills by any of the methods provided for by the current regulations, each participant, from the moment of registration:

• declares that he/she has read and accepted the current Regulations in every part;

• guarantees his/her own behaviour during and after the event;

• declares that he/she is in good physical health and that he/she has provided the organization with a valid medical certificate, having undergone a medical examination for the practice of competitive or leisure cycling (as per Art. 6), thus giving the Organisation the utmost leverage in the event of any damages resulting from his/her participation in the event;

• expresses consent to the use of his/her personal information, including for commercial use, as provided for under Italian privacy law no. 196 dated 30/06/2003 and European Union Regulation 2017/679 (GDPR/18);

• gives the organisers the most ample consent to use, according to the law, including for profit, any video or photographic images taken during the days of the event, giving the Organisation the right to transfer such images to third parties. Said authorisation, regarding the use of one’s own image, is to be considered permanent and without any territorial limits anywhere in the world. Images may be used in various publications and filmed material, including but not limited to promotional and/or advertising material produced on any medium. The Organisation may, furthermore, transfer to third parties and to its own institutional and commercial partners, the usage rights covered by this agreement.

The Organisation declines any responsibility, either direct or on the part of its collaborators, for any accident or damage to people or property, that may arise before, during and after the event or as a result of the same.

Moreover, with the dispatch of the online registration form, participants self-certify the non-existence of present or past sporting, civil and/or penal sentences, even if already served, related to doping issues and declare that they have never taken – and will never take – substances included in the antidoping list of the World Antidoping Agency (WADA) – False certifications are punishable by law.

Should a participant be found positive in an antidoping check during NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills, or if positivity is proven during other events within six (6) months of the event, the participant will owe the sum of €50,000.00 (fifty thousand Euro/00) to the NOVA Eroica Organisation, in damages to the image of the event.

Any amounts received by the Organisation, arising from such damages, will be donated entirely to youth cycling activities.


The organiser of NOVA Eroica Prosecco Hills, above referred to as “Organisation”, is:

G1278 Srl Sportiva Dilettantistica

Via Fiumicelli 3

531100 Treviso, Italia

P.IVA e CF 05231070268

The “L’Eroica” brand and all its variations, including “NOVA Eroica”, is owned by:


Via Casabianca 25

53013 Gaiole in Chianti, Siena, Italy

P.IVA 01357870524

Both of the above-mentioned companies are authorised by all participants to process and register their personal information. The personal information of all participants will be processed and registered according to the terms of Italian privacy law no. 196 dated 30/06/2003 and European Union Regulation 2017/679 (GDPR/18).